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Chevrolet builds some great vehicles. A few of Chevy’s best vehicles right now are the rugged pickup trucks that do the jobs few other trucks can do. In fact, some of Chevy’s classic pickup trucks are still capable today. That is the case with one particular Chevy tow truck. Here’s a look at an old Chevy tow truck that managed to climb up a vertical rock on its own. 

The old Chevy tow truck and a vertical rock

A Chevy logo, maker of a tow truck.
Chevy logo | Getty Images

According to Motor1, Alligator Performance posted a video to Facebook where a decades-old Chevy tow truck managed to scale up a very difficult obstacle. In Southern Utah near the city of St. George there is an area popular amongst folks who love to test their off-roading rigs. One of the toughest obstacles is to scale over what is known as the Chute. 

The Chute is a nearly-vertical rock that will test the limits of trail rigs, as well as their drivers. The Chute isn’t an impossible rock to climb, but it’s a challenge that many do not succeed in. However, a Chevy K30 dually, which is a tow truck from the 80s, managed to do just that.

While the truck and its design are important, so is the driver. As Motor1 wrote, the driver of the K30 was clearly experienced as it was a nearly perfect climb. Regardless, not any vehicle can conquer the Chute, which means the vehicle is clearly as capable as the driver.

It also has the specs to back it up. The square-body design of this Chevy truck was built between 1973 and 1991, which means its generation lasted nearly 20 years. 

A look at the specs of this old Chevy tow truck

According to Motor1, there are not many details about what exactly is under the hood of that particular climbing Chevy truck. However, since it is a K30 from the 80s, it’s almost certainly equipped with a powerful engine as any tow truck will have to be. That being said, since it’s a Chevy, there were a lot of V8 options offered at the time. It is possible that is what is under the hood.

As such, it’s currently unknown which V8 engine was under the hood of that K30 dually. It could be equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 which gets, at best, 170 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. It also could’ve been equipped with a much more powerful 7.4-liter V8 which made 230 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque. It’s also possible that the owner tweaked or upgraded their car’s engine in some way to get more juice out of it.

Other great cars for tough trails

No matter what engine was under the hood, that K30 dually joins a list of great off-road rigs that have been able to climb the Chute. That being said, folks who are looking for a good car for off-roading probably don’t need a car that can conquer the Chute. In any case, Jeeps can conquer the Chute with plenty of other options for folks who want some off-roading capability, but not an extreme amount.

For example, the Jeep Gladiator is a great truck offering from Jeep. It provides a lot of off-roading capability, while also being a pickup truck. The Gladiator is also fairly affordable as it’ll start at about $36,000. That being said, folks who want to upgrade their Gladiator’s off-roading capabilities can, for a fee.