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Owners of 2022 Chevrolet Silverado trucks have been experiencing various 10L90 10-speed automatic transmission issues. It’s separate from Chevy’s ongoing problems with its eight-speed automatic, also available in certain Silverado pickups. Finally, Chevrolet has issued a service bulletin addressing the erratic and poor shift quality problems. Some consumers also complain of the Silverado “lurching” after shifts.

What does Silverado ‘bad shift quality’ mean?

Does the 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 have the Silverado transmission shifting problem?
2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 | Chevrolet

The main complaint from Silverado owners is that the shift quality is poor, especially between first and second gear. Additionally, sometimes these shifts can cause the malfunction light on the dashboard to appear. 

The problem affects 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickups except for the Limited. That trim is the pre-facelift version of the 2022 Silverado, which came out in September 2021. 

Now, General Motors dealer technicians are replacing the transmission control module and reprogramming the related software. That includes customers’ trucks in for repairs and models sold through dealer inventory. Dealers cannot sell new or used models until they correct the issues.

Does the Silverado have other transmission problems?

Silverado HD with Z71 package
Silverado HD Z71 | Chevrolet

GM also stipulates that any trucks without the repair cannot be used as demonstrators. Because the automaker does not state whether the fix is for the eight-speed or 10-speed automatic transmission, owners can use their truck’s VIN to determine.

Erratic shifting is not the only issue Silverado owners have complained about. They have also noticed transmission fluid leaks and sudden transmission failure. Chevrolet has already issued a recall for the 2018 Silverado eight-speed transmission. It addresses complaints of a sudden downshift into first gear.

Though unrelated to automatic transmission problems, another recall involves 2020 Silverado pickups with driveshaft issues. Specific 1500 and 2500 trucks might have driveshafts with compromised welding. The flaw could cause the driveshaft to become out of balance or break at the U-joint saddle. That could signal a transmission problem because any driveshaft vibration can travel through the transmission. 

Transmission problems have led to 60 technical service bulletins and lawsuits

By 2022, GM had issued over 60 technical service bulletins for its eight-speed automatic transmission. In addition, several class actions filed in 2019 were consolidated into one lawsuit. Descriptions like “slip, buck, kick, jerk, and harshly engage” leave little to the imagination.

Complaints cover five years of 1500 trucks, from 2015 to 2019 Silverado and GMC Sierra models. The lawsuit also names specific years of the Corvette, Camaro, Colorado, Canyon, Yukon, and various Cadillac cars and SUVs with identical or similar transmissions.

In the lawsuit, owners claim the affected vehicles’ automatic transmission fluid (ATF) lacks the proper “moisture” and doesn’t “maintain a positive friction curve over time,” which leads to “shudder” issues. The lawsuit also alleges GM created a different ATF formula, “Mod1a,” and deployed it in March 2019 but replaced the ATF only in unsold vehicles at dealerships. The plaintiffs complain that the company hasn’t made the new formula available to customers who purchased GM vehicles before Mar. 1, 2019, reports.

The class-action lawsuit, Speerly v. General Motors, LLC, was certified in 26 states in May 2023.

Regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome, the bottom line is that GM has faced significant owner dissatisfaction with its eight- and 10-speed automatic transmissions.


Problems With the Chevy Silverado HD 10-Speed Automatic Transmission