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This week GM Defense, the military equipment division of General Motors, announced the year-long U.S. Army testing of its Colorado ZR2-based Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) is complete. Passing all tests, it will receive the government contract to build the specialized military vehicle. 

What is a GM Defense military Colorado ISV?

GM U.S. Army ISV | GM

GM Defense ISV trucks are highly modified production vehicles manufactured for various types of military missions. They use off-the-shelf ZR2 off-road components combined with specialized components based on the Army testing procedure to create combat-ready configurable trucks.

Among its configurable assignments are casualty evacuation, mobile communication center, and many other diverse mission requirements. Here are three general configurations that the ISV begins as. 

  1. A two-passenger vehicle that has multiple payload and plug-and-play abilities. Tactical network shelters, mortar carriers, mobile counter unmanned air systems platforms, and electronic warfare systems are just a few of these configuration’s capabilities.
  2. Five-passenger vehicle with configurable modular mission arrangements. 
  3. A four-, five-, or six-passenger vehicle with a payload for anything from heavy guns carrier to direct action operations.

Is the military ISV electric?

Army ISV
GM U.S. Army ISV | GM

Beyond the Colorado ZR2-based vehicles, GM also offers specialized electrified military vehicles. These incorporate the GMC Hummer Ultium battery packs. They’re 24-module double-stacked batteries that can be stacked horizontally or vertically. 

This increases the arrangement of components to help create unique military configurations based on requirements. With 1,000 hp capability, the Ultium system allows GM to produce high-volume vehicles, largely based on production components. So repair, maintenance, and component accessibility are simplified. From concept to delivery took GM only 120 days. And much of that speed was due to utilizing 90% of the commercially available Colorado ZR2 truck components. 

How much was this defense contract worth?

GM U.S. Army ISV | GM

“I’m proud of the GM Defense team for reaching this important milestone in the Infantry Squad Vehicle program and am thankful for the close relationship we maintain with our trusted U.S. Army program office customer,” said Steve duMont, GM Defense president. “Achieving the ISV full-rate production decision strengthens our credibility and amplifies the success of our manufacturing processes. By working in close collaboration with our customer, we have delivered more than 300 vehicles to our U.S. Army customer with many already fielded to the Army’s 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.”

This is GM Defense’s first U.S. Army contract since it began in 2017. The contract is worth $214 million for GM. It is part of the initial nine-passenger all-terrain troop carrier which began in June 2020. 

GM Defense is only beginning its onslaught toward supplying the U.S. military with specialized vehicles based on production vehicles specced for combat. 


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