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There isn’t as much talk in the streets about the Chevrolet Colorado as there should be. Although the Colorado is a formidable truck, the field is crowded. The Ford Maverick, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Ford Ranger, and the Toyota Tacoma are all also vying for the same love from the streets. The Chevy Colorado is getting more attention the longer the model is around and gets improvements. The Chevrolet Colorado is a sneaky good pickup truck. 

A 2023 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss drives off-road. This is an under-rated pickup truck.
2023 Chevrolet Colorado | Chevy

The Chevy Colorado almost beat the Toyota Tacoma

Edmunds ranked the Chevrolet Colorado in fourth place in the midsized pickup truck category. The Honda Ridgeling landed first, the Jeep Gladiator got second, the Toyota Tacoma in third, and the Chevrolet Colorado followed closely behind. 

Edmunds scored the Cloroado a 7.6/10 while the Tacoma only scored 7.7/10. Edmunds sites a strong V6 and diesel engine options having a higher towing capacity than many rivals as a major benefit of the Colorado. The small truck’s size is another major plus. The cabin features simple controls and a comfy ride. 

However, there were a few downsides that Edmunds highlights. The smaller size comes with smaller seats. Edmunds says the smaller front seats might be uncomfortable for bigger folks. They also mention that some rival pickup trucks offer more storage in the cab. A low-hanging front air dam also cramps its off-road abilities a touch. 

Is the Chevrolet Colorado good off-road?

Thanks to the new Trail Boss package now available on the LT and Z71 trims, many features make the Chevy Colorado a great off-roader. 

The Trail Boss package was last seen six years ago but has now returned. For 2022, it includes 17-inch gloss black wheels, black exterior trim, skid plates, a 1-inch suspension lift that levels the front end with an unladen bed, and the removal of that pesky lower front air dam to improve clearance. 

Edmunds’ review tells a hopeful story about the Colorado in a time when we need as many cool small pickup trucks as possible. Edmunds says, “We like the Colorado a lot. The crew-cab cabin is spacious, and the tech interface is straightforward and effective. Compared to the Honda Ridgeline, Jeep Gladiator, and Toyota Tacoma, the Colorado occupies a nice middle ground. It’s a well-rounded truck, providing a little bit of something for everyone and compromises very little along the way.”

How much is the Chevrolet Colorado? 

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 parked on top of a sand dune.
Chevy Colorado ZR2 | Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Colorado starts at $27,100. However, for the fun trims, you gotta step up to the better part of $40,000. The top trim ZR2 starts at $45,395. This is one major downside to this truck. However, these days, there is really no such thing as a cool truck that is cheap. It kind of doesn’t exist. The Ford Maverick stands as the cheapest new pickup truck, and it’s cool, but mostly because of how cheap it is. 

It’s both the golden age of the pickup truck and probably one of the darker times for the segment. It has become nearly impossible for average folk to buy a new pickup truck. Hell, average folk can’t hardly buy a used one. That said, the Colorado is a killer pickup truck, and maybe once the market cools out, it can become a decent used model to keep an eye out for.