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Rivian is one of the buzziest startups in the automotive space. Rivian’s electric pickup, the R1T is the first electric truck to market–beating out the Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 Lightning. But very few enthusiasts have had a chance to see a Rivian on the road, let alone sit in one. So what is the Rivian interior like in the new R1T?

The Rivian R1T interior: thoughtful and well-designed

This is a promo photo of The Rivian Interior In The R1T Electric Pickup, in the rain | Rivian
Rivian’s crisp touchscreen and wood dash | Rivian

The Motor Trend team just spent a month in two Rivian electric pickups, completing the first electric vehicle off-road transcontinental expedition. After all that time, Features Editor Christian Seabaugh could only think of two complaints about the Rivian’s interior: First, he wished the truck had more physical controls for systems such as HVAC. In his pre-production model, a touchscreen controlled most everything. Second, he and his team could have used more than the four standard cupholders.

Seabaugh had plenty of compliments on the Rivian interior. He said the R1T’s materials were upmarket, and the front seats extremely comfortable. The ergonomics of the back seats did not impress the editor. But he admitted the leg room was excellent.

The Motor Trend reviewer found the mix of “old and new” components refreshing. For example, the crisp touchscreen set into a real wood dash is a great mix of classic and contemporary. He noted several touches: the center console features a storage shelf with wireless charging. The rear seat offers a pass-through to the gear tunnel in front of the bed. The Rivian logo is even repeated in the upholstery.

After many hours inside the R1T, the Rivian interior impressed Seabaugh.

The therapeutic Rivian interior features sustainable, premium materials

This is a promo photo of The Rivian Interior In The R1T Electric Pickup, parked by the ocean | Rivian
Rivian’s “Ocean Coast” interior theme | Rivian

The Rivian company takes a fresh approach to interior design. Sophia Park is the color and material designer for the Rivian Interior. Park has a relevant Masters: color and materials design. But in a past life, she studied art therapy.

Park’s philosophy is that “A car is a second home. We spend a lot of time in it, often alone, so the environment should feel restorative.”

She has taken a therapeutic approach to the fit and finish of her vehicles’ interiors. For example, she says, “Real wood has soothing properties so you won’t find the fake stuff inside our vehicles.”

Rivian is built around a mission sustainability. The company’s motto: “Keep the world adventurous forever.” This mission drove Rivian to choose all vegan leathers and sustainable products for its vehicle interiors.

The Rivian interior comes in three colors

This is a promotional photo of the Rivian Interior materials available In The R1T Electric Pickup | Rivian
Rivian’s available interior materials | Rivian

The top-trim Rivian interiors feature wood grain dashboards and vegan leather. The automaker has created three color options, all named after outdoor features.

  • Black Mountain: This interior is built around the black leather seats and a dark ash wood. But, this formal interior is not all business. Black Mountain includes contrast-stitched yellow accents around the interior.
  • Ocean Coast: The white leather Rivian interior is ocean inspired. This interior also comes with an unstained natural wood for an elemental look.
  • Forest Edge: This very unique interior features eye-catching green leather. Richly stained wood accents set off the forest green

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