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When you buy an $80,000 off-road truck, you’re going to want to take it off-road. But you’ll need the right gear. Rivian is selling some super cool gear for its electric truck and SUV that will make it much easier to get out into the wild.  The new Rivian electric truck and SUV, the R1T and R1S, both offer some pretty cool gear and funky features.

The R1T, however, offers something extra cool for stashing camping stuff: the Gear Tunnel. The R1T has a compartment that runs the length of the truck behind the cab that is watertight and can hold up to 11 cubic feet of stuff. For that tunnel, Rivian makes stuff that can be stuffed in or slid out. That’s not the only storage in the R1T. The truck also has a lockable frunk or front trunk. 

Stuff in the Gear Tunnel

a red Rivian truck with the camp stove package
A Rivian R1T with the Camp Kitchen | Rivian

Rivian trucks have what’s called a Gear Tunnel Shuttle, which is a tunnel behind the cab of the Rivian electric truck that allows you to stash stuff. Since this is Rivian, that stuff is expected to be electric. 

Sure, charcoal is great for grilling in the woods But, who wants to tote a giant bag of charcoal that always leaks black flakes on your seats. Also, with our dry conditions in the West, especially, most campgrounds have a no-fires-at-all policy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just start up an electric stove

Of course, Rivian thought of that. The Camp Kitchen Snow Peak Package includes everything you need for cooking, and it all slots right into that gear tunnel on the truck. Pull out the stove, turn it on and you’re cooking like you’re at home. The kit also comes with a 30-piece kitchen set from Snow Peak. Bring your copper pans: this is an induction stove. 

The Rivian Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak Package isn’t cheap, at $6,750, but it could make your next off-road Rivian camping trip tastier than ever. It is only compatible with the R1T. Sorry, R1S owners.

A Rivian R1T with a tent and stove attached
A Rivian R1T with a tent and stove attached | Rivian

When it’s time for lights out in the woods, where would you want to sleep where the bears can’t get to you? In a truck bed tent, of course. But Rivian being Rivian, this isn’t your normal bed tent, or roof-top tent if you have an R1S. For $3,100 you can order Rivian’s custom tent that sets up with two people but gets you off the ground. It has two skylights and comes with a padded 2.5-inch think wall-to-wall mattress. 

Sure it’s expensive. But Rivian trucks are also expensive.

The tent has all of the features you’d expect from a custom Yakima tent, such as auto-close and a waterproof rain fly. The tent has an aluminum frame and a two-year warranty. To set up the tent, however, you need to have the cargo crossbars installed to support it. The tent can support three people, or 600 pounds, whichever comes first. 

A Rivian electric truck can be good for the beach, too

A blue Rivian R1S with the surfboard holoder
Rivian offers a surfboard holder for the R1S and R1T | Rivian

Most trucks offer some sort of bicycle or surfboard holder. Rivian does, too. But in Rivian fashion, you can order the SupDawg Mount that holds two stand-up paddleboards or three surfboards. It’s locking and has bow and stern tie-downs.  It is available for both the R1T and R1S. Again, you’ll need the cargo crossbars to mount the system. 

Rivian also sells a bunch of shirts, hats, gear bags, and an off-road recovery kit. Every off-roader knows that no matter how powerful your four-wheel-drive system is, the sand and mud can always beat you. That’s why Rivian sells a bespoke recovery kit for $600. The kit includes “handpicked” accessories that include a 30’ tow strap, and 8’ strap, two soft shackles, a bow shackle, hitch link and pin, gloves, and a bag. 

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