Check Out the 2020 Honda Dirt Bike Lineup

When it comes to off-road motorcycling, whether you prefer massive dirt jumps or scrambling over rocks, there’s a machine for everyone. Set up to handle a variety of obstacles and surfaces, this is an immensely popular motorcycle segment. Honda, which has a significant presence in the world of motocross and two-wheeled dirt riding, recently unveiled its 2020 Honda dirt bike lineup.

Competition (Motocross)

2020 Honda CRF450R
2020 Honda CRF450R | Honda

The models which hew most closely to Honda’s factory racing machines, for 2020 both the CRF450 and CRF250 race-only lineups have received significant changes.

2020 Honda CRF450R Handlebars
2020 Honda CRF450R Handlebars | Honda

The CRF450R ($9,399) and CRF250R ($7,999), meant for motocross courses, have had their suspension internals updated, their rear brake pads improved in both performance and durability, and their batteries re-located for a lower center of gravity. The 450R Works Edition (CRF450RWE, $11,999) also returns for 2020, featuring a Honda motocross first in the form of a full titanium Yoshimura exhaust system.

Both the 450R and 450RWE, in addition to the engine mode selector found on the 250R, now also come with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), a three-position switch on the handlebar that allows variable levels of engine torque delivery. Although the CRF250R doesn’t come with HSTC, for 2020 Honda enhanced its engine for better low-to-midrange power, as well as lightened the frame and swingarm for improved handling.

2020 Honda CRF150R Big Wheel
2020 Honda CRF150R Big Wheel | Honda

In addition, for those shopping for the young motocrosser in the family, Honda is once again offering the carbureted CRF150R ($5,099), with a Big Wheel version (larger wheels, a taller seat, and more rear suspension; $5,299) for larger riders.

All of Honda’s announced motocross bikes are available now.

Competition (Enduro)

2020 Honda CRF250RX
2020 Honda CRF250RX | Honda

Moving from motocross to enduro racing (the former is held on special-built tracks, the latter on longer courses on natural terrain), the CRF450RX ($9,699) and CRF250RX ($8,299) come with larger fuel tanks compared to their R and RWE stablemates, as well as aluminum sidestands and 18-inch rear wheels (the R and RWE models have 19-inch rear wheels).

For 2020, both RX models receive the same upgrades as their R and RWE counterparts: HTSC for the 450RX, and for the 250RX engine and chassis upgrades.

The RX bikes should be available in dealerships by the end of October.

2020 Honda CRF450X
2020 Honda CRF450X | Honda

Finally, straddling both the Competition and Trail line of bikes is the 2020 CRF450X. 50-state off-road legal and capable of both racing and trail riding (racing versions have won Baja for Honda several times), like the RX models, it comes with an aluminum sidestand and 18-inch rear wheel. However, it also has a headlight, a sealed chain, and a six-speed transmission (the competition models have five-speeds). As the CRF450X was significantly overhauled for 2019, for the 2020 model year, the only changes are a new graphics package.

Dealerships should be receiving the CRF450X as I write this.


Unlike the competition motocross and enduro bikes, these are 50-state off-road legal and can be ridden outside of a dedicated circuit, through forest and desert alike.

2020 Honda CRF125F
2020 Honda CRF125F | Honda

The line is comprised of the CRF250F ($4,599), the CRF125F ($3,099 and $3,499, respectively), and for younger riders, the CRF110F ($2,399) and CRF50F ($1,549). All come with air-cooled single-cylinder engines, with the 250F and 125F being equipped with fuel injection. The CRF125F can also be had in a Big Wheel configuration, like the CRF150R. To make riding easier, the CRF110F has a clutch-less semi-automatic four-speed transmission, and the CRF50F’s clutch is automatic. The 2020 models are unchanged compared to the 2019’s.

2020 Honda CRF50F
2020 Honda CRF50F | Honda

All of Honda’s trail bikes are available now.


Able to legally and smoothly travel between off-road trail and urban asphalt, these bikes form one of the most popular segments in today’s market.

2020 Honda CRF450L
2020 Honda CRF450L | Honda

However, for 2020, Honda is only carrying forward the CRF450L ($10,399), as well as XR650L (which was not detailed in Honda’s press release but is listed on Honda’s site as a 2020 model). Honda for 2019 also offered the CRF250L and CRF250L Rally; no mention was given of these models in Honda’s press release.

As the CRF450L was updated significantly for the 2019 model year, for 2020 the only changes are a new graphics package. It should be hitting Honda dealerships by the end of October.