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The electric vehicle (EV) market is in full swing, and it’s not just sensible hatchbacks like the Nissan LEAF. Several luxury marques make posh, electrified sedans and crossovers for owners to drive comfortably. Check out four of the best luxury EVs with all-wheel drive (AWD) to tackle slippery wintertime road conditions, like the 2023 BMW i4 and the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ. 

  • BMW i4
  • Cadillac LYRIQ
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Tesla Model S
  • Polestar 2

How much will the BMW i4 cost?

The 2023 BMW i4 represents the most affordable AWD EV luxury sedan that the Bavarian marque produces. Specifically, the 2023 BMW i4 starts at around $52,395 for the entry-level eDrive35, and $68,295 for the AWD M50 performance trim. While the M50’s MPGe falls compared to the more conventional rear-wheel drive i4. 

The 2023 BMW i4 and the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ are two of the best AWD Luxury EVs.
BMW i4 | BMW

In terms of range, the 2023 BMW i4 eDrive40 promises 301 miles on a full charge, around 11 miles less than a comparable Cadillac LYRIQ. Still, with 536 horsepower and 586 lb-ft of torque, the i4 M50 is a performance luxury AWD EV for the new electric landscape capable of hitting 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. 

How much will the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ cost?

The new 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ luxury EV crossover starts at around $62,990. However, TrueCar says that the LYRIQ with a dual-motor AWD platform starts at about $64,900. Moreover, with AWD and standard all-season tires, the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ is a solid AWD luxury EV crossover to conquer wintertime commuting. Better yet, the Cadillac luxury EV packs a luxurious interior with a 33-inch curved screen and active noise cancellation. 

The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ is a great EV crossover.
2023 Cadillac LYRIQ | General Motors

Is the Porsche Taycan one of the best AWD luxury EVs?

The Porsche Taycan channels the aesthetic of its storied gas-powered sibling, the 911, to create a handsome four-door EV luxury sports sedan. The 2023 Porsche Taycan starts at around $88,150 and offers many trims, including a wagon Taycan 4 and a lightning-fast Turbo S. Of course, the Taycan Turbo S demands more of a premium; the Porsche AWD luxury EV starts at around $188,850. 

Better yet, the Taycan is a modern luxury option with no leather and recycled materials. The Taycan is truly a luxury EV with an emphasis on lessening its environmental impact. Of course, producing EVs is a dirty business; mining precious metals, supply chains, and manufacturing are routinely environmentally unfriendly practices. 

Is Tesla Model S AWD or RWD?

The Tesla Model S is available as a dual-motor or tri-motor AWD luxury EV sedan. Moreover, the tri-motor AWD Model S Plaid is one of the fastest production EVs on the market; Tesla claims it will hit 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds. However, the best time Car and Driver managed with its 2021 Plaid test car was around 2.1 seconds. Still, the AWD luxury EV sedan is the fastest-accelerating car on this list. 

Of course, the range-topping three-motor Plaid comes with a steep price tag; the 2023 Tesla Model S Plaid starts at around $137,190. Still, if luxury EV sedan fans want a more affordable option, the entry-level Model S starts at about $106,190. 

Is the Polestar 2 one of the best AWD luxury EVs?

The Polestar 2 and its elegantly simple Volvo aesthetic is one of the best AWD luxury EV sedans on the market. First, it starts at about $49,800, more than $100,000 less than the marque’s first EV sedan, the Polestar 1. The Polestar 2 offers front-wheel drive (FWD) and AWD in its Long Range Dual Motor option. 


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