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The immense popularity of pickup trucks and a greater demand for EVs has made the competition in the electric truck segment fierce. But one drawback is that EVs are expensive. However, an upcoming model won’t break the bank. This apex predator stalks the Ford F-150 Lightning, Ram 1500 REV, Rivian R1T, Chevy Silverado EV, and other electric pickups. It’s the 2024 Alpha Wolf, the cheapest new electric truck in America. 

The 2024 Alpha Wolf is the cheapest new electric truck

Cabin in 2024 Alpha Wolf, most affordable electric truck that competes with Ford F-150 Lightning and Ram 1500 REV
2024 Alpha Wolf | Alpha

With a starting price of $36,000, the 2024 Alpha Wolf is the cheapest new electric pickup truck in the United States. Considering the average cost of a new car is nearly $50,000, this level of financial accessibility is quite eye-opening. When you add that the electric truck segment leans toward the expensive side, the affordability is all the more impressive.

In comparison, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning has a starting MSRP of $55,974. Also, the 2025 RAM REV starts at around $58,000. And the off-road-focused 2023 Rivian R1T is even more expensive at $73,000. Though the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV is more affordable at $39,900, it doesn’t match the low price of the Alpha Wolf. 

Additionally, upon unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck, Elon Musk claimed it would start at $39,990. However, that was over three years ago, and Tesla still hasn’t released the Cybertruck. Given high inflation, that price will likely be higher.

The GMC Hummer EV and the GMC Sierra EV are the most expensive electric trucks. The Hummer EV starts at $110,295, while the Sierra EV starts at $108,695 for the Denali Edition 1 model. However, the cost of the Sierra EV will undoubtedly drop for the 2025 model year when other trim levels become available.

Still, the 2024 Alpha Wolf will be the cheapest new electric truck for the foreseeable future. It’s a much more budget-friendly EV than the F-150 Lightning, Ram 1500 REV, Rivian R1T, and others. 

The retro-styled Alpha Wolf is smaller than other electric trucks, including the F-150 Lightning, Ram 1500 REV, and Rivian R1T

Side view of blue 2024 Alpha Wolf EV pickup truck
2024 Alpha Wolf | Alpha

Though the 2024 Alpha Wolf is all-new, its design nods to pickups of yesteryear. This affordable electric truck’s retro styling harks back to models from the ’80s, such as the 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab SR5 that Marty McFly drove in Back to the Future.

Also, the Alpha Wolf is a first of its kind in America: a small electric truck. Its 190-inch length makes it smaller than other new electric trucks, including the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ram 1500 REV. The Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz showed compact trucks could be successful in the United States, which bodes well for the Wolf.

Wolf specs: Electric motor output, 0–60 mph acceleration, towing, and driving range

The 2024 Alpha Wolf offers a single electric motor with rear-wheel drive or a dual motor with all-wheel drive. With the dual-motor setup, the electric truck can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. Also, it has a maximum towing capacity of 3,000 pounds. 

Additionally, the Wolf’s driving range is an estimated 275 miles on a full charge. Plus, with the rapid charger feature, it has fast-charging capabilities. 

Furthermore, the Wolf is geared toward off-road action thanks to its beefy all-terrain tires, underbody skid plates, and oversized fenders. It also boasts a bull bar with fog lights. 

The 2024 Alpha Wolf is an appealing choice for shoppers wanting an affordable EV. As America’s cheapest new electric truck, the Wolf is more financially accessible than the Ford F-150 Lightning, Ram 1500 REV, Rivian R1T, Chevy Silverado EV, and all other new models in the segment.

Though the Wolf’s specs don’t top those models, its low price makes it a great value. Plus, the off-road capabilities make it a much cheaper alternative to the Rivian R1T for outdoor adventures.

A crucial note about Alpha: As with other automotive start-ups, there’s no guarantee the company will mass-produce the Wolf. However, this affordable electric truck has exciting potential. 


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