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Many off-roaders prefer trucks and SUVs with rear coil springs. In fact, some automakers swap regular old leaf springs out for a five-link setup with rear coil springs on high-dollar off-road trims. But the cheapest 4WD full-size 2023 pickup truck–the Ram 1500 “Classic”–comes with rear coil springs stock.

Rear coil springs are a premium off-road option

There are as many opinions on the ideal off-road setup as there are 4WD enthusiasts. But many off-roaders feel coil springs offer better wheel articulation. This is because they can be more flexible than leaf springs. Some folks even convert vehicles with rear leaf springs to a five-link, coil spring setup.

The mad scientists at Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) are the geniuses behind the Raptor lineup. When they re-engineered the Ford F-150 Raptor for 2021, they tossed the truck’s stock leaf springs and designed an all-new five-link, rear coils spring suspension for the off-road monster.

Toyota appears to agree with Ford. It went to rear coil springs when it redesigned its full-frame chassis for its latest Land Cruiser. The latest Toyota Tundra, built on the same chassis, also has rear coil springs.

Considering that the F-150 Raptor starts at $76,775, you might be shocked that the cheapest full-size 4WD pickup truck (which costs a bit more than half the Raptor’s MSRP) also comes with the rear coil spring setup.

What is the cheapest full-size 4WD pickup truck?

With an MSRP of $31,735, the 2023 Ram 1500 “Classic” is the cheapest full-size pickup truck–and its the cheapest 4WD truck. The upcharge for adding 4WD is $7,160–the highest of any truck. But at $39,890, the 4WD Ram 1500 Classic is still the cheapest 4WD in the segment.

A blue Ram 1500 TRX shows off its rear coil spring suspension, a feature it shares with the Classic, the cheapest full-size 4WD pickup truck.
2023 Ram 1500 TRX | Stellantis

What is a Ram 1500 “Classic?” It’s a freshly built fourth-generation Ram 1500 targeted at budget-minded commercial fleet operators. Ram is still building its fourth-gen trucks because the fifth-gen Ram 1500 only comes with four-door cabs, so building a regular cab “Classic” allows the automaker to offer the lowest MSRP of any half-ton.

But savvy buyers know that Ram’s big 2019 fifth-generation redesign was mostly an upgrade to the truck’s interior and an exterior redesign. The fourth-gen Ram 1500 had rear coil springs and was available with the same 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 or 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and eight-speed combination Ram puts in its 2023 trucks.

General Motors only charges $4,600 to add 4WD to its half-ton trucks (both the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500). So while the Silverado starts at $36,300, the 4WD configuration starts at $39,995–just one Benjamin more than that 4WD Ram 1500 Classic.

How much does a full-size 4WD pickup truck cost?

You’ll shell out $40k for even the cheapest full-size, 4WD pickup truck. The Detroit options are all just a bit cheaper, the fifth-gen Ram 1500 being the most expensive. The Tundra and Titan come in at over $43k. But these final three trucks (the Toyota, Nissan, and latest Ram) aren’t available with a two-door “regular” cab.

See how the 4WD configurations of each full-size 2023 pickup truck stack up for yourself in the table below:

ConfigurationMSRP (2WD)4WD Upgrade4WD Total (W/ Fees)
Ford F-150 XLRegular cab (2-door)$33,835$5,015$41,490
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 WTRegular cab (2-door)$36,300$4,600$39,995
GMC Sierra 1500 ProRegular cab (2-door)$37,200$4,600$43,595
Ram 1500 “Classic”Regular Cab (2-door)$31,735$7,160$39,890
Ram 1500 TradesmanQuad cab (small 4-door)$38,555$3,850$42,405
Toyota Tundra SRDouble cab (small 4-door)$38,965$3,000$43,815
Nissan Titan SKing Cab (rear suicide doors)$40,350$3,290$43,640