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When you think of Ferrari, plenty of things come to mind. Wealthy celebrities, pretentious business practices, and roaring V12 engines come to mind. However, what usually doesn’t pop into one’s head is affordability. That is generally for a good reason. However, there are a handful of budget picks from the ghost of Ferrari’s past. If you’re looking to live a bit of the supercar lifestyle without breaking the bank, we’re here to help. Here’s the cheapest Ferrari currently listed for sale in the U.S.!

1985 Mondial Cabriolet is currently the cheapest Ferrari on the market

Red Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet parked in front of a house, this is the cheapest Ferrari one can currently buy
Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

After some digging, the cheapest running and driving Ferrari available for sale in the U.S. seems to be this 1985 Mondial Cabriolet. Currently, it’s for sale by Beverly Hills Car Club in Los Angeles, California. It has an asking price of $37,500. The company has another Mondial for sale for under $30,000, but it doesn’t currently run. So, we opted to disqualify it.

This Argento Metallic Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet is a great way to step into the Ferrari lifestyle without breaking the bank. Fortunately, it also has a lot of recent service history that can hopefully prevent it from breaking the bank in terms of needing repairs and maintenance. The listing states that the sale includes receipts for service and repairs ranging from 1997 to 2021 and totaling over $35,000. Clearly, someone took good care of this classic Ferrari.

Additionally, equipment includes functioning air conditioning and power windows. However, the listing states that the power windows “will need to be serviced,” which seems like a fancy way of saying that they don’t work. Hopefully, it’s just a simple switch replacement or something along those lines. Ultimately, though, for the fact that it’s the cheapest Ferrari at the moment, one has to assume there’ll be some associated costs in purchasing it.

Is a Ferrari Mondial a good car?

According to Autoevolution, the Ferrari Mondial had critics insulting it at the time of its release. Primarily, the reason for the dislike was its massive power disadvantage. Its V12 brethren put its puny V8 to shame in horsepower output. However, the Ferrari Mondial is still a very unique and fun car that is now pretty affordable thanks to its lack of popularity.

The Mondial is a bit funky, and that’s cool! It’s a 2+2 layout, meaning there are two seats in the back, but it’s still mid-engine. The Mondial marks the final mid-engine 2+2 car Ferrari ever produced.

1985 was the first year of the spicier 3.2-liter V8 in the Mondial, too. So, this Cabriolet comes packed with 266 horsepower and puts the power to the ground through a gated five-speed manual transmission. Sure, that may be a lot less power than many cars come with today. However, this was a pretty substantial amount of power back in the day!

Overall, this Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet is a bit of an ugly duckling in the Ferrari world. It really shouldn’t be, though. It’s a unique car that you don’t see on the road all that often, and you can have it for a remarkably reasonable price!


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