What Is the Cheapest Ducati Motorcycle That You can Currently Buy?

Some motorcycle enthusiasts have referred to Ducati as the “Lamborghini of motorcycles.” That’s pretty high praise, but considering the Italian bike manufacturer’s level of detail and exceptional build quality that it puts into all of its bikes – in addition to its actual ties to Lamborghini –  it’s not too far off. That said, Ducati also charges a premium for its motorcycles as compared to others on the market. However, its entry-level bike is actually pretty affordable.

Ducati’s most affordable bike

2021 Ducati Monster
2021 Ducati Monster | Ducati

Taking a look at Ducati’s current lineup, you’ll see a few bikes priced in the $20,000 range. For example, the Diavel 1260 starts at $20,995, and the Streetfighter V4 is priced at $19,995. They’re both amazing bikes with tremendous power outputs and premium components that complement their high price tags. However, you’ll also notice the brand’s entry-level bike, which is also its cheapest: The Monster.

With a name like the Ducati Monster, you would think that this street bike is massive in size and power, however, you would be wrong. According to Cycle World, “this thing is tiny,” which also means that it’s easy for almost any rider to handle. Couple its smaller size with its 366-pound curb weight and adjustable seat height and you have yourself a proper entry-level bike made by one of the best manufacturers in the game.

The Ducati Monster has plenty of power

Don’t get it twisted, while the Ducati Monster is the brand’s most affordable entry, that doesn’t mean that it’s a slouch by any means. The Monster is powered by a liquid-cooled 937cc L-Twin engine that produces 111 hp and 69 lb-ft of torque, which provides plenty of pull when going up steep hills, reported Rider Magazine. That engine is complemented by three different riding modes (Sport, Touring, and Urban) that allow the rider to fully customize their riding experience.

Additionally, the Monster sticks to its “naked bike” roots with its lack of fairings, bison-back fuel tank, and round headlight. However, its classic steel-trellis frame has been replaced by a new Panigale-style aluminum upper section frame. That change alone equated to a 9.9-pound weight saving in addition to more structural rigidity. Other updates include a new swingarm and a fiberglass-reinforced polymer subframe. Although, many riders will also like the updated quickshifter and 20-percent lighter clutch pull.

When it comes time to stop, the Ducati Monster doesn’t have any issues at it’s equipped with a set of Brembo calipers and rotors in addition to a Brembo radial master cylinder. Rider Magazine also noted that the Monster’s braking ability is “well-sorted” and offers a superb braking feel.

How much does the Ducati Monster cost?

a side shot of the 2021 Ducati Monster
2021 Ducati Monster | Ducati

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While you might think that this well-built, entry-level bike will still cost a fortune, it won’t. In fact, that 2021 Ducati Monster has a starting price of just $11,995. Sure, that’s still a pretty penny to pay for a starter bike, however, considering the Lamborghini lineage it comes from – in addition to what you get for the money –  it’s quite the steal.