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There’s certainly no shortage of vehicles fetching insanely high prices when it comes to automotive auction sites. Even cars you think should be relatively affordable, like an Acura Integra, can bring six-figure bids in the right conditions. However, what folks don’t often discuss is the cheapest cars ever sold on auction platforms. Frankly, that seems like a bit of a shame. Shall we?

1986 Dodge 600 Coupe Holds the Lowest Bid Record

Front 3/4 of beige 1986 Dodge 600 Coupe , the Cheapest Cars and Bids Auction record holder
1986 Dodge 600 Coupe | Cars and Bids

Currently, the cheapest auction award on the auction website Cars and Bids goes to this 1986 Dodge 600 Coupe. It’s a remarkable relic of the Chrysler K-car platform. A platform that, of course, is known worldwide as a platform that cars were built on. That’s about it.

Even automotive journalist extraordinaire and Cars and Bids founder Doug DeMuro didn’t have a whole lot to say about it. In every listing, Doug provides a small passage with a bit of info about the car. However, this particular one is a bit dry.

“You never, ever see these anymore in any condition – but especially in the condition of this car. It’s shockingly nice for one of these – and if there are any K-Car enthusiasts out there, this is one you won’t want to miss,” wrote DeMuro.

Frankly, there’s not really a better way to put it.

At any rate, this painfully beige Dodge 600 Coupe sold back in August of 2020. At the time, it had only 88,800 miles on the odometer. So, this K-car dream machine only had an average of about 2,600 miles a year put on it until it was sold.

2.5-liter four-cylinder engine of beige 1986 Dodge 600 Coupe , the Cheapest Cars and Bids Auction record holder
2.5-liter Engine in Dodge 600 Coupe | Cars and Bids

The comments seem to point toward there being a bit of a bidding war toward the end. However, the final hammer price for this old K-car came in at just $1,800. Even after the Cars and Bids minimum fee of $225, that still only marks the total price paid for this car at $2,025.

Oddly enough, the winner of this vehicle has no other bids and no other activity on the Cars and Bids website. So, some genuine K-car enthusiast seems to have made an account solely for purchasing this vehicle!

Honestly, it seems like a bit of a steal

Tan K-car platform interior from a beige 1986 Dodge 600 Coupe , the Cheapest Cars and Bids Auction record holder
Tan cloth interior in Dodge 600 Coupe | Cars and Bids

Perhaps the remarkable prices that seemingly mundane cars are bringing just because they are in great shape has the world a bit jaded. However, it seems that $2,025 after fees is an insanely reasonable price for something like this.
Understandably, it’s not the most desirable car out there. However, it just feels like despite that being the case, this thing is still going to appreciate in value just because of its remarkable condition. You might even be able to convince Dodge to buy it and put it in a museum somewhere. Although, that would imply that the Dodge 600 coupe is some sort of a prime staple in Dodge History.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, if someone truly loves these old K-cars, more power to them. Evidently, they’re a pretty affordable platform to get into. This might be the nicest one left, and it was only $2,000!


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