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World-famous Bugatti cars are many things, but they’re certainly not budget-friendly. As a result, fans must shell out a pretty penny to claim one as their own. Still, the feeling of absolute luxury and unmatched performance is well worth the cost for many owners. And though some Bugatti supercars fetch a cool $114 million, others are comparatively more affordable. 

Even so-called cheap Bugatti models honor the automaker’s reputation for comfort and quality. Their classic designs (and the number of zeroes on their price tags) make them iconic. But some models are only one lottery win away, as opposed to two or three. 

Bugatti’s history dates back to the 19th century

Even those who don’t consider themselves car enthusiasts are likely familiar with the name “Bugatti.” That worldwide brand recognition has been building for centuries, beginning with the birth of Carlo Bugatti in 1856.

According to Bugatti‘s website, Carlo was an incredible artist and silversmith who would play an instrumental role in the interests of his son, Ettore Bugatti. Drawing from his father’s design background, Ettore took a tremendous interest in the automobile craze that swept the early 1900s. As a result, he built and debuted his first vehicle, the Type 1, in 1901. 

Bugatti found success through its one-of-a-kind design and Ettore’s passion. Unfortunately, the founder’s 1947 death, which came only eight years after his son’s, left the burgeoning business with no head or successor. For a while, it seemed the iconic brand would die in the 1950s after only releasing 8,000 vehicles. 

Bugatti supercars are known for their hefty price tags

Fortunately for 21st-century fans, the brand eventually saw two successful revivals. The first was the newly established Bugatti Automobili S.p.A., based in Italy. Then came Volkswagen’s era, which began with a 1998 acquisition and continues to today. 

Volkswagen’s line of offerings pays homage to Ettore’s original vision for the company while offering luxury that surpasses his wildest imagination. Bugatti has produced five models: the Centodieci, Chiron, Divo, La Voiture Noire, and Veyron. Each offers a distinct body design and range of features. But one similarity is their jaw-dropping price. 

The La Voiture Noire is the most expensive, coming in at $12 million. But for the wealthy on a budget, Bugatti also makes the Veyron, whose latest models cost around $1.9 million. 

The Veyron is the brand’s cheapest model 


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Bugatti discontinued the Veyron in 2014 but produced special editions until 2015. Thus, its lower cost is explained by the fact that any Veyron you buy will be at least 6 years old. Still, its high-quality materials — and its history, which helped define an entire Bugatti era — justify the price for some fans.  

Shopping for a used Bugatti isn’t like shopping for an average starter car. Though you’ll certainly save millions by skipping the La Voiture Noire, it’s worth noting any maintenance on these supercars comes with its own high costs. Materials to maintain and repair older models become obscurer each year, and Luxe Digital estimates that replacing a Veyron’s fuel tank alone costs $42,000.