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Would you be willing to fork over the cash to attempt to restore this super-low mileage 2006 Ford GT? Of course, you would… Let’s keep it real here; the internet is teeming with car nerds boasting about how easily they could take a wrecked supercar and get it back together. These situations require loads of time, money, and commitment to not only buy the car and restore it but also the legal and paperwork involved with getting cars like this back on the road and insured. Sorry, was that too much realism to be fun? 

wrecked supercar 2006 Ford GT sitting in an auction lot
2006 Ford GT | Copart

However, Every once in a while, a broken supercar shows up with 714 miles on it, and the damage seems to be within the realm of actually fixing. On infrequent occasions, that supercar is one of the most coveted examples of its breed. Let’s take a closer look at this 2006 Ford GT. 

This is probably the most affordable 2006 Ford GT on the market

Ford GT with trunk, hood and doors open
2006 Ford GT | Copart

There is a 2006 Ford GT ready to be someone’s next project sitting at Copart. Not only is this the most affordable Ford GT around, but it also only has 714 miles and actually runs! Yep. While most of Copart’s wares are mere shadows of their former selves, this 2006 Ford GT seems to be in fairly good shape, all things considered. 

That being said, this low-mileage supercar will still require a lot to get it back to its former glory. As you might be able to tell from the photos, this 714-mile Ford GT took a bit of a knock to its nose, which is why it ended up at Copart. Not only is it going to need a new bumper and likely some other pricy bodywork to make everything match up nicely, but the suspension also seems to be out of sorts. 

CarScoops seems to think this could be a good candidate for restoration instead of many of Copart’s cars that are destined to be parted out and scrapped. For the first time, I gotta say, this wrecked dream exotic car truly feels like a good candidate for saving. 

Thankfully, due to the Ford GT’s mid-engine platform, the engine is still in perfect shape after the crash because it is mounted behind the cabin instead of being upfront. This might mean that the only work needed on the Ford GT is body and suspension. Don’t get me wrong, on a car like this, that could still easily mean tens of thousands of dollars, but it’s doable. 

What is the GT Heritage model? 

2006 Ford GT dashboard with "714" miles on the readout
2006 Ford GT | Copart

In 2006, Ford made a limited number of special Ford GT Heritage cars finished in this iconic orange and blue Gulf style livery. Given that Ford GTs were already very limited from the start, that would make an extra limited Heritage model quite a rare bird indeed. 

Unfortunately, this one here is not likely one of them. While it may look the part at first, the GT Heritage came with a white circle for race numbers, which this car doesn’t have, and silver brake calipers. The calipers on this car are red. 

Although it’s unlikely that this is a Heritage car, a search of the VIN fails to reveal whether it is a Heritage model or not. The VIN search does confirm that it has a salvage title and must have been crashed sometime between February 16, 2021, when an airbag recall was performed, and June 12, 2021, when the incident report was made.

How much is a Ford GT worth? 

2006 Ford GT in a junk yard awaiting auction
2006 Ford GT | Copart

Ultra-Rare $300,000 Ford GT Is Secretly a Free Car

This is truly a special car in more ways than one. Not only is it insanely cool and equally rare, but it is also a super low-mileage version that, even with its damage, will have many buyers excited about it stepping up to the plate for restoration. 

Copart shows the current bid at $249,000 with four days to go. Yes, this car has problems, and getting it on the road with a salvage title will be a trick, but seeing as how these retail for over twice the current bid, something tells me this number has a bit more room to grow. It will still likely be the most affordable Ford GT on the market.