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Cult classics, collectibles, performance bargains, and quirky rides all have the potential to appreciate in the future. That means you could buy a cheap or affordable car as an investment or buy something you could potentially drive for a few years and still cash in. These cheap cars will likely appreciate and make a tidy little return on investment either way.

Pontiac GTO is a mix of aesthetic styling subtly and brute American muscle

Modified Pontiac GTO | Matt Maran Motoring

Available in bright colors with a beast of a 6.0L V8 engine, the Pontiac GTO lives up to its historic name. While consumers from other markets may call it a Holden or Vauxhall in different skin, the GTO is a monster all its own. Although when compared to retro-inspired muscle cars like the newer Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, the GTO’s styling comes across as understated.

In addition to a handsome, bright exterior, the Pontiac GTO packed 400 horsepower and the option of either an automatic or manual transmission. Pair that muscle with relatively cheap used car pricing, and the GTO is an excellent prospect for folks looking to buy a future classic.

BMW 3-Series Wagon (E91 generation) is a cheap car with BMW pedigree

900HP BMW 335i | Gumbal

Due to controversial styling on release, the E91 generation BMWs depreciated into relatively cheap cars ripe for the picking. Fortunately for you, the 3-series wagons from this generation are underappreciated compared to the competition from Mercedes-Benz and Audi. HotCars suggests that the wagons are only going to appreciate once people realize the comfort and potential of the E91.

Scion tC is a cheap car with two doors and Toyota reliability

Affordable Cars Likely To Appreciate and Make You Money
Scion tC | Getty Images

HotCars reports that the Scion tC combines the reliability of Toyota with added sportiness. The result is a little hatchback that can be a blast to drive and (hopefully) won’t leave you stranded. Furthermore, the Scion tC might become a collectible given the discontinued badge. Who knows, if the Scion tC appreciates like other cars, you might even be able to sell it for a profit.

Volkswagen Arteon is an example of a comfortable, unmistakably handsome vehicle big enough for friends and family

Cheap Cars Likely To Appreciate and Make You Money
Volkswagen Arteon | Harold Cunningham, Getty Images

When you look at the Arteon, you almost have to double-check the badge. The Volkswagen Arteon smacks of higher-echelon European rivals like Mercedes-Benz. In some cases, the Arteon is even better looking than those rivals. Furthermore, the Arteon constitutes affordable luxury, and it will likely appreciate once consumers recognize the value for money.

Fiat 124 Spider is a timeless sports car with Mazda craftsmanship and Italian heritage

Cheap Cars Likely To Appreciate and Make You Money
Fiat 124 | Getty Images

Being the Mazda MX-5’s cousin, the Fiat 124 Spider is in the timeless sportscar’s shadow. However, the Fiat 124 has Mazda quality, and Fiat looks, albeit with an underpowered engine. If you don’t care to break any speed records in your cheap car, a 1.4L Fiat 124 Spider with a manual transmission might be all the fun convertible you need.

Lexus RC350 F-Sport is a low slung grand tourer with a powerful engine

Lexus RC350 F-Sport | TheStraightPipes

Although grand tourers have fallen off in popularity, the formula is difficult to ignore. Take a powerful engine, a comfortable interior, add a usable trunk, and you have a grand tourer that is ready to take on some travel. The Lexus RC350 F-Sport fits the bill, and due to low initial demand, the cars are affordable. Once people notice the merit of a grand tourer for the open road, your Lexus RC350 F-Sport might be worth more than you paid for it.

These aren’t the only cheap cars that will likely appreciate after you buy them

HotCars created a list of somewhat affordable vehicles that will likely rise in value once the market inevitably changes. In addition to the cars mentioned above, the Infiniti G37x, Scion iM, Kia Stinger, and the BMW 328i M-Sport made the list. However, the possibilities do not stop there. Any cheap car with rarity, performance credentials, or distinctive styling has the potential to appreciate. Scroll down to the following article to read more about exciting cars like performance wagons.


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