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How smart is smart technology? If you have to over-annunciate words, speak loudly, or end up giving in and typing your requests, it’s not that smart. OpenAI created ChatGPT as an AI tool that interacts with users in a conversational manner. Could ChatGPT integration make future GM vehicles much smarter?

How can ChatGPT integration make future GM trucks and SUVs smarter?

GM Onstar Touchscreen - Could ChatGTP integration add more benefits to GM vehicles on this screen
GM Onstar Touchscreen | General Motors

GM Authority reports that ChatGPT interacts in a conversational manner to answer questions and learns from its mistakes to improve the quality of its answers over time. This could benefit many vehicles that now include voice commands in the infotainment system.

This artificial intelligence tool could be used to answer questions about the vehicle by looking up information in the owner’s manual faster than the owner can. It can also program garage door codes, worth with calendar schedules, and interact with vehicles to adjust climate and infotainment settings.

Why would GM vehicles be the first to market with this technology?

In a smaller version of the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” GM has a partnership with Microsoft. The tech giant has developed many GM tech items and innovations. Microsoft is heavily invested in OpenAI, the owner and developer of the ChatGPT chatbot. Microsoft invested in this company for the past few years and continues to support OpenAI financially.

Could this chatbot make your life easier in a GM truck or SUV?

The ChatGPT integration in GM vehicles could benefit all drivers. Whether used to simply answer questions asked of curious children in the backseat or to properly use a vehicle’s features, this conversational chatbot can be helpful. It’s possible this AI tech will become the standard for all vehicles, but GM should be first to market with this system in place.

“ChatGPT is going to be in everything,” -GM Vice President Scott Miller to Reuters

How soon will ChatGPT be in GM trucks and SUVs?

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Playing in Some Deep Mud
2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV | GMC

The integration could take place soon, but the over-the-air functionality hasn’t been cleared yet. The current in-vehicle voice command system will quickly become outdated once the ChatGPT chatbot is integrated into future GM trucks and SUVs. That said, most modern vehicles already have several functions and commands that might require reprogramming to allow this new AI system to properly integrate into the mix.

Could this chatbot tell you why the check engine light came on?

Most vehicles have a few different diagnostic lights, but the most common is the check engine light. Often, we have no idea why this light comes on. A technician must use a code reader to plug into the OBDII port and diagnose the problem. It’s possible the ChatGPT chatbot could tell you what the issue is as soon as the light comes on. This will give you a better idea of your next course of action.

Technology advances quickly, so GM could integrate ChatGPT much sooner than expected. In fact, this chatbot might be part of the next round of upgrades, giving GM the first vehicles with the most advanced voice command system in the industry.


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