You Can Change Your Car’s Color Without Having To Repaint

You may have a leased car that you’d love to make more stylized, or have a fleeting fancy for new and bold colors that you just aren’t ready to commit to. Whatever the reason, you want to change the color of your car, without the added stress and cost of having to have it repainted.

Peel Coats

Once designed for tool grips and other shop needs, peel coats have quickly become a way to add simple and stunning personal touches to any car. They are a peelable, completely removable rubber-based spray that can go directly over your car’s current paint. No sanding necessary here! The coat is sprayed from a paint sprayer or aerosol and can be done in many layers to achieve several desired looks.

Peel coat is also a great way to customize smaller portions of your cars, such as changing the colors of your wheels or trim pieces. Leave the peel coat on for a few weeks and once you’re sick of it you just peel it right off!

Peel coats do not damage your paint, wheels or plastic trim panels and are an incredibly safe and fun way to customize your car. In fact, peel coats can protect your car from rusting and small road debris.

Peel coats can be done professionally or in the comfort of your own garage, and several brands can be purchased at many auto part stores or ordered online in larger quantities. Depending on the brand, quantity, and style you chose, peel coats can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are another fun and temporary way to change your car’s color. A vinyl wrap is a thin film that sits over the top of your paint without causing any damage – as long as your paint is in good shape and your car hasn’t been painted within the past 30 days.

Vinyl wraps can also be offered in different patterns, metallic colors or have a message or design printed onto them. They are often used by businesses and companies to show off their logo or create a custom work of art to advertise.

Vinyl wraps can also protect your car’s paint from being damaged by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and from minor scratches that can be caused by small debris or something touching your paint.

When done professionally, vinyl wraps can last several years, and costs significantly less than having your car fully repainted – especially if you are picking out a new, exotic color. Vinyl wraps can also be purchased online and installed at home, with enough patience.

Whether you are unable to permanently change your car’s paint or just want to try something new and fun, peel coats and vinyl wraps are both great options. The best part is, both of these can be done professionally, or with a little bit of DIY intuition can even be done yourself.