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Riding motorcycles is viewed as a taste of freedom that many covet daily. The thought of being able to throw your leg over a bike and go where the road takes you could be intoxicating. For someone who spends so much time on a motorcycle, it would make sense to create a custom bike that is unique to you and your personality. Do you need ideas for building the custom bike of your dreams? Consider these 10 ideas to change up your bike. 

Riding a motorcycle is a whole lifestyle 

People riding on a potentially customized bike.
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There are different types of motorcycle riders. There are the weekend warriors who like to ride on their days off, but the bike mostly stays in the garage during the week. Then there are the motorcycle riders who make riding an entire lifestyle. These people build their lives around their love for riding

Hot Cars offers some things outsiders don’t understand about the more hardcore motorcycle riders. The question “what is motorcycling all about then?” was asked. The reply is, “Easy, it’s about the freedom it provides. Pure and simple” they continue by admitting, “Nothing but yourself, the bike, and the road ahead exist—every worry or problem disappears in the rearview mirror as you twist the throttle and spend some time on your favorite road.” 

It continues and explains how the beauty of riding a motorcycle is like meditation “but a form of meditation where you involve your body in order to get one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve ever had-just by doing something as simple as linking a few corners together.” 

There is no question that your motorcycle can be a whole lifestyle. If you are in that world and ready to make it even more specific to you, consider making your bike all about who you are. Go custom with these ideas provided by Erie Insurance. 

1. Get a fresh paint job to change up your bike

Your bike probably already has evidence of the road on it and might be due for a fresh paint job. You can choose a single color or multiple colors. Just please make sure your colors are your favorite colors and specific to your personality. 

2. Heated Grips 

The winter can get pretty cold, and the most hardcore riders don’t let that stop them. Heated grips will do a lot in adding some extra warmth. Your fingers will stay toasty, allowing you to wear lighter gloves. 

If the cold weather is not a concern where you live, then consider getting custom handlebars instead. 

3. Customize the lights to change up your bike

There are several ways you can customize your lights:

  • Strip lights
  • Pencil beam driving lamps
  • Wide beams
  • Clear lenses and faceted reflectors 

4. Add a touch of chrome

A bit of chrome can be added to almost any bike part for a bit of flare. Chrome has been a popular customization throughout the years. 

5. Upgrade the seat and wheels

A new seat can add comfort for those longer rides and style. A new seat cushion is a good option if you don’t have the budget for a new seat. Wider wheels will also add a layer of comfort to your rides. 

6. Windshields can easily change up your bike

Those cold days can be brutal. A windshield will cut down on the windchill and keep you from swallowing bugs. 

7. Install your perfect sound system

Listening to your favorite music or podcast is always nice. You can consider an old-fashioned AM/FM radio, satellite radio, CB radio, and even helmet speakers. Just be sure everything is legal in your state

8. An engraving

Include your signature on your bike by engraving a favorite design or logo on the chrome. 

9. Add comfortable foot pegs

Long rides increase the need for comfortable legs. New foot pegs can help with that. Highway pegs are good for long stretches as well as forward-facing pegs. 

10. Change up the shocks

Change the shocks to precisely what is comfortable to you. This allows you to choose how stiff or soft you want your ride to be. 


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