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The Ford Mustang is synonymous with affordable horsepower and everyday good times. However, it’s not typically mentioned in the same breath as wealthy celebrities or famous people. However, more often than you might think, celebrities will give the beloved American pony car a try. Here are some celebrities with a Mustang in their stable, like Tim Allen, Jay Leno, and Tom Cruise. 

Which celebrities drive Mustangs?

  • Tim Allen 
  • Bruce Willis
  • Jay Leno
  • Tom Cruise
  • Patrick Dempsey

What Ford Mustang does Tim Allen have? 

Tim Allen has many cars, including a subtle and slick 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt. However, most fans would be much more tempted by his 1968 Shelby GT500 KR. We would expect nothing less from Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s garage.  

The Bullitt, a special edition nod to the 1968 Steve McQueen film Bullitt, is a manual-equipped V8 pony car with distinctive Dark Highland Green paint. It’s a terrific way to get around without drawing too much attention. However, if he wants the attention, he could always take the GT500 KR or his custom COPO Camaro out for a spin.  

Bruce Willis’ Mustang is one of the coolest of all the celebrities’ pony cars

Bruce Willis owned a 1968 Shelby GT500 convertible before it went to the auction block in 2008. The Dark Highland Green drop-top Mustang fetched money on par with celebrities’ collections, too; it sold for a cool $161,000. 

Bruce Willis, like other celebrities, is a car person.
Bruce Willis | Jim Spellman, WireImage

However, Willis’ former Mustang is no common toy for apathetic celebrities; it was a custom build years in the making. Moreover, Old Cars Weekly says the eye-popping Shelby sold along with many of Willis’ automotive treasures. For instance, his 1974 Ducati 750SS sold for $81,900, and his 1969 Dodge Charger fetched $86,580. 

Does Jay Leno own a Mustang?

Of course, Jay Leno owns a Ford Mustang. The prince of car collecting doesn’t worry about everyday pony cars, though. For instance, Leno has a first-generation Shelby Mustang GT350, one of history’s most beloved Ford Mustangs. 

The first-generation GT350 was a thoughtful work of magic by Carroll Shelby, wherein he took a Mustang Fastback and tweaked it for track and racing performance. According to HotCars, the GT350 in Leno’s garage is a 1966 model with the classic white and blue livery.  

Does Tom Cruise have a Mustang?

Tom Cruise is a wild card of Mustang ownership. He owns several Ford Mustangs, many of which are Shelbys and Saleens. However, Cruise also owns a North American P-51 Mustang, the WWII airplane whose name graces the pony car. 

Tom Cruise, like Tim Allen and Jay Leno, is one of the celebrities with a Ford Mustang in his garage.
Tom Cruise drive a classic Mustang | Arnaldo Magnani, Liaison

Fighter plane notwithstanding, the collections of most celebrities pale in comparison to Cruise’s garage. For instance, Cruise owns a very collectible SN-95 Saleen 281 Mustang and an S197-generation Saleen.

Some celebrities love cars; then there’s Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is obsessed with cars; he collects them and races them. He’s a man of particular taste, too. Dempsey commissioned the legendary Panoz to build him a custom $300,000 1965 Ford Mustang. One look at the Panoz-built Mustang, and you’ll understand why.

Patrick Dempsey, like Jay Leno, Tom Cruise, and Tim Allen, is among the celebrities who love Ford Mustangs.
Patrick Dempsey poses with a Mustang at the Grand Am Koni Challenge in 2007 | Uri Schanker, Getty Images

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According to Blacksmith Garage, Dempsey’s fondness for Panoz and its little-known Le Mans pedigree was one of the reasons for commissioning the build. That, and his experience driving with Panoz at racing schools. Still, the car itself took nearly 4,000 hours of meticulous engineering and execution, including computer-assisted design work. This expensive labor of love resulted in a supercharged 4.6L SVT-powered custom Mustang in a sinister black.