Celebrities Keep Tragically Ruining Their Expensive Sports Cars With Dumb Mods

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Yes, there are many celebrities today who are worth millions of dollars, enabling them to buy whatever they like including exotic sports cars. Some of them go the extra step of modifying and personalizing these expensive vehicles, often with cringe-worthy results. Here are five exotic sports cars personalized by celebrities who shouldn’t have.

Celebrity Jake Paul’s Ford Focus

Jake Paul, an aspiring actor, and boxer, found fame on YouTube. Jake quickly grew a following of millions of subscribers, formed the popular Team 10, and appeared on the popular Disney show Bizaardvark. The young celebrity has also been the subject of much scorn for his antics through the years.

Jake customized his Ford Focus with a body wrap, according to HotCars, that includes every color of the spectrum. He called it the “Rainbro Scheme.” The wild splattering of bright colors is indeed eye-catching, just not in a good way. He’s since given it to a fan.

Zach Randolph’s 1975 Impala

Zach Randolph, who modified his car, in his Kings Uniform.
Zach Randolph | Getty Images

NBA star Zach Randolph was one of the best power forwards and centers to play the game back in the day. Once he retired, the 6’9″ star continued to collect classic cars. His collection includes a Maybach, a Phantom, and several Chevy Impalas, only hitting one wrong note.

That sour note is a bright red 1975 Chevy Impala convertible with a hardtop. Given his height, that makes sense. But it’s converted into a donk with substantial front wheels lifting it off the ground and giving it more ground clearance. 

With the matching red stripes on the wheels, it looks like the car is riding on massive hard candy disks. Still, it’s a car that Willy Wonka might appreciate.

Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber is easily one of the top singers globally and makes enough money to buy anything he wants. He also owns a vast car collection with about three questionable choices. One of those is his Fisker Karma, a gift from the Ellen Show.

Bieber had it wrapped in shiny chrome later to stand out when he was driving it. And it does stand out. Hopefully, you will be wearing sunglasses if you happen to see it. You just might be able to spot him driving it from Mars. 

Celebrity Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Gallardo

If you’re familiar with Chris Brown’s music, you likely already know he’s a huge Lamborghini fan. What he did he do to his Lamborghini Gallardo? It’s an absolute travesty and doesn’t inspire confidence in his car-modding tastes.

HotCars points out that West Coast Customs modified the Gallardo for Brown and is said to be as proud of it as he is. The choice of loud, clashing colors makes it look more like a sponsored car for a gas station. For such an upscale exotic sports car, it’s a shame.

Deadmau5’s Nyan Cat Ferrari


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Producer and artist Deadmau5 is known worldwide for his electronic and house music. He’s also well-known for his love of cars. He paid $300,000 in 2013 for a Ferrari 458 Spyder, which he had wrapped in a Nyan cat-theme in bright blue, pink, and rainbow colors. He allegedly calls it ‘Purrari,’ but it wasn’t seen as cute by fans who saw it out on the road.

The gaudy custom look of this Ferrari was so bad that the automaker hated it. They requested that he completely get rid of the horrible customizations down to the floor mats. Fans of Ferrari and their eyesight alike applauded their decision.