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Parallel parking cars is stressful. We’ve all done it, and it sucks. Now, imagine adding the stress of triple what your car may be worth, only it’s not your car and you’ve got to park it. These million-dollar cars get parked for a living by some people. The employees at Matt Farah’s Westside Collector Car Storage park supercars for a living.

Matt built a massive car-nerd complex for himself and his podcast, and made it profitable | The Smoking Tire

However, these guys also detail the cars and keep them in running order, all while backing your Ford GT40 onto a massive elevator. Obviously, it’s a stressful job, to say the least.

How do you store collector cars? A big elevator

The Volkswagen Autostadt, basically a car elevator with millions of dollars of cars in it.
The Autostadt in Wolfsburg was clearly an inspiration for Matt’s supercars super-storage facility | Sean Gallup via Getty Images

Obviously, you’ve got to put all these million-dollar cars somewhere. I’d imagine inspiration for Farah struck in an elevator somewhere. In actuality, he said on his podcast, that he simply wanted somewhere to park all of his cars. Ever the businessman, all that needed to be done was make that profitable. Space is at a premium in Farah’s L.A. hangout, so the litany of Ferrari’s Porsche’s and Lamborghini’s are stacked vertically, like VW’s Autostadt.

However, it’s much more complex than just throwing some supercars on a lift. Each lift is able to hold a Bentley Bentayga at a minimum, and probably a building at a maximum. Farah’s West Side Collector Car Storage (WCCS) is as overbuilt as an Audi. The trays that hold the cars are also solid, so no dripping fluids will damage your six-figure paint job.

Parking million-dollar supercars ain’t easy

A white sign that reads "Valet parking"
The life of a valet can be a stressful one | Jeffrey Greenberg Group via Getty Images

Now, because the cars are parked vertically, things can be a little hard for the valets. Unless I missed it in a podcast or YouTube video, each car must be loaded from the bottom up. That means if valets need the car at the top, the other four cars below it all have to be started and unloaded one by one. It’s by no means time-efficient, but that’s why the building has a coffee bar, as well as a whisky and cigar lounge.

Evidently, another challenge presented is the sheer value of the cars valets move. I’ve been lucky enough to drive some expensive stuff and can tell you that eventually, you get used to it. However, every once in a while, the gravity of the situation does pop into your head. Of course, stick-shift cars with tricky clutches are always a concern. Don’t want to stall a $525,000 Guntherwerks Porsche, now do you?

Westside Collector Car Storage is a dream car complex

A valet helps an owner out of his silver Lamborghini supercar
It’s not uncommon to see supercars and million-dollar cars at WCCS | Carl Court via Getty Images

The pitfalls of parking million-dollar cars aside, WCCS is one man’s dream garage turned into a highly successful business. In fact, spots in Farah’s garage were filled within a few months of its 2020 opening. Now, Matt is breaking ground on a second facility. Clearly, demand is there, and Matt Farah is here to supply.


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