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The Fisker Ocean SUV is set to make its grand debut later this month at the LA Auto Show. During that debut, the EV automaker will finally reveal more details about the luxury SUV that anxious enthusiasts have been waiting for. Though, today Fisker did reveal where the Ocean’s batteries will come from.

Fisker Ocean SUV batteries will come from CATL

the Fisker Ocean SUV painted in orange seen from the direct front view
Fisker Ocean SUV | Fisker Inc.

According to a report from Automotive News, Fisker has announced that it signed a deal with Chinese battery producer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., AKA CATL. CATL will supply batteries for the Fisker Ocean SUV. CATL will produce two battery packs with a capacity of over 5 gigawatt-hours per year between 2023 and 2025.

“Securing this supply agreement with CATL is another important step in the development of the Fisker Ocean and achieving our battery performance objectives,” said CEO Henrik Fisker in a statement. “By utilizing multiple chemistries and designing an extremely efficient pack, we will be able to achieve our targeted driving range for the Fisker Ocean Sport and bring segment benchmark-driving range to the longer-range versions of Fisker Ocean.”

The statement also detailed that both battery packs supplied by CATL will have “addtional features” that allow direct charging from the optional solar roof.

The final production version of the Fisker Ocean SUV will debut on November 17th, 2021, at the LA Auto Show. In approximately a year from that point, the first customer deliveries are set to go out, according to Fisker.

How much does the Fisker Ocean cost?

Fisker Ocean SUV in orange photographed from a low perspective next to a lifeguard tower
Fisker Ocean SUV | Fisker Inc.

The Fisker Ocean will start at $37,499 for the base model. Potential customers can reserve the electric SUV for $250 via the Fisker app. It is unclear how many reservations the automaker currently has for the Fisker Ocean or if the initial production run is already sold out.

Regarding options, trims, and specifications, all of those details are being withheld until the Ocean’s debut at the LA Auto Show. However, this recent news about the CATL battery deal reveals that there will be at least two battery options available, one of them being a long-range option.

All other details are being played close to the vest until the moment of the debut. If we were to speculate, we would guess that Fisker may debut some type of driver assistance software similar to Tesla’s Autopilot. There is also a possibility of integrated creature comforts like those found on the Rivian R1T truck.

Fisker is going after the luxury consumer

Fisker Ocean SUV photographed on a cliff over looking the ocean
Fisker Ocean SUV | Fisker Inc.

While the starting price of the Fisker Ocean SUV is relatively modest, the automaker has plans to go after luxury consumers. In a recent interview, CEO Henrik Fisker revealed that the company is working on two unannounced new models, and one of them will be a “high-end, low-volume” model that will slot above the Ocean.

That high-end model may be aimed at consumers that would typically look to brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and the like. Considering that Fisker mentioned it would be a “low-volume” model, the automaker could even target brands such as Rolls-Royce. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the official reveal of the Fisker Ocean SUV and more details as they develop.


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