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Odds are, you’ve probably come across some strange stuff car shopping. Maybe some shady listings, strange custom modifications, and even a weird interior choice or two. However, I promise, these cars are the cream of the crop when it comes to a weird interior. Some are weird for the right reasons, some flawed in their design but functional nonetheless, and some, well, they’re just real weird.

The Pagani Huayra’s weird interior is strangely beautiful

The beautiful but weird interior of the Pagani Huayra, covered in milled aluminium and carbon fiber
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder | Christopher Evans via Getty Images

The Pagani Huayra is inarguably a thing of great beauty. Horacio Pagani is the man who shunned Lamborghini and managed to create a firm that rivals it all in under two decades. The interior of the most recent Pagani is a weird one. Now, most Pagani’s have looked something like this over the years. The Zonda had a similar metal-on-leather-on carbon aesthetic partially inspired by airplanes, after all. It’s maybe not done in the greatest way, despite being stunning. Perhaps a little on the nose for Pagani.

But the Huayra took that beautiful but weird interior and leveled it up, keeping the on-the-nose airplane nods like the gauges. The aluminum shines brilliantly, yet there’s a ThinkPad from 1998 in the dash. Why? Why, when you charge millions of dollars for a hypercar, would you stick that unsightly thing in there? You could say it was an attempt at being futuristic, but Horacio had to know that it would look terrible in two years. Regardless, for all its flaws, the Huayra is stunning.

The Fiat Multipla was weird inside and out

Fiat's Multipla interior, with the speedometer in the center, along with just about every other control.
Fiat took things a little too far | Fiat

And here we have the opposite end of the spectrum. The Fiat Multipla was designed to take the car and make it as practical and small as possible. In some ways, it succeeded, providing ample storage, and seating for six. All in something a fraction the size of a Honda Odyssey. However, the vehicle’s… unconventional styling meant it didn’t sell well. How could it with that face?

But dammit that weird interior is wonderful because of how strange it is. Why on earth would you move the gauge cluster and put in a storage bin? Why not, I guess. Moreover, is it really necessary to angle nearly all of the controls towards the driver in anything this side of a Honda S2000? And don’t get me started on the air vents. Look at them, they’re not even designed to look remotely similar. It’s hilarious. But honestly, that’s what makes the Multipla that kind of ironic-cool that will fetch 90 G’s on Bring a Trailer.

BMW (needlessly) reinvented the wheel in the ’90s

The interior of an E46 3-series BMW, which had nearly all of it's controls in the center.
Why not move all the controls to the center? | National Motor Museum via Getty Images

Lexus Infotainment Gets a Long-Overdue Refresh

Now, this last one is more of a personal gripe I thought I’d get to paper, seeing as I own one of these. At first glance, the image above shows a nice place to be. Maybe roll the windows down on a summer day, right? No, because BMW decided to move them to the center and you’ll forget that for as long as you own an E36 or E46-generation BMW. On the whole, it’s not a weird interior. But it is a massive headache to constantly relearn where controls are. Which honestly, is why all of these interiors are so weird.