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Recent reports have surfaced noting a “sticky” steering issue in 2022-2023 Honda Civics. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has started an investigation concerning 145 different complaints over the past 11 months. The issue is not being called a recall just yet; however, it’s still concerning for the many new Civic owners. But what could cause a car’s steering rack to be “sticky?”

What is “sticky steering?”

The 2023 Honda Civic Touring sports a silver paint job on a mountain road.
Civic Touring | Honda

The term “sticky steering” isn’t widely used or known in the automotive world, and it has only recently surfaced due to the current issues with these late-model Honda Civics. However, Autoblog reports that the “sticky steering” refers to “a brief loss of power assistance, making the steering wheel heavy and harder to move.”

Obviously, this can become a serious issue when the car needs to be controlled in the event of a collision. Fortunately, no injuries or accidents related to the sticky steering issue have been reported. However, it’s still under investigation, but a recall could come out eventually.

The actual issue could be caused by a poorly working power steering system. In particular, the 2022-2023 Honda Civics use an electronic power steering system, which can reportedly get stuck at lower speeds. Drivers have reported having to use more effort to turn the wheel in some cases, which could lead to an overcorrection.

Other common steering issues

The interior and steering wheel in a 2022 Honda Civic
2022 Honda Civic Sedan | Honda

Although sticky steering is an issue, there are other common steering problems that can arise in any vehicle. Some of those issues include:

  • Light and loose steering: The steering wheel can feel light and loose, which could lead to less control over the car. Worn steering rack parts could cause this issue.
  • Steering vibrates or shakes: Vibrations or shakes in the steering wheel can be caused by worn steering components like tie rods or axles.
  • Issues with tracking or drifting: In some cases, worn-out steering components can cause the car to veer left or right when the steering wheel is pointed in the neutral position. An alignment can fix this issue, but it depends on what is damaged or worn out.

Why are steering issues so dangerous?

A 2022 Honda Civic Sedan turning
2022 Honda Civic Sedan | Honda

Steering issues should be taken seriously because the driver won’t be able to control the car adequately if its steering wheel sticks or points in another direction. While we don’t know the specifics of the 2022-23 Honda Civic sticky steering issue yet, we’re sure the investigation will uncover some overlooked issues with electronic power steering systems.

Until then, if your car is currently experiencing steering system issues, it’s important to have it checked out by a qualified mechanic. The last thing you want is your car to be stuck going left when you need to be going right and vice versa.


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