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  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse used to be a fun sports car
  • Lamborghini has lost the plot with its supercars
  • Nissan let the 370Z run free for a little too long

Sometimes we all lose the plot a little. Get distracted at work, forget a doctor’s appointment, whatever. Sometimes, car brands do the same thing. Or sometimes they lose the plot intentionally, thinking there’s another way, especially with sports cars. New cars are very different than they were 15 years ago, and sometimes that isn’t for the better. These are the best examples of the worst.

A blue 2023 Nissan Z shot at sunset
The new Nissan Z sports car | Nissan

The Nissan 350Z & 370Z sports car is worse off with time

A red Nissan 370Z shot from above on tarmac
The Nissan 370Z sports car | Pal Pillai via Getty Images

Before you go lighting the pitchforks, I fully expect that the 2023 Nissan Z will turn around the brand’s sports car image. $40K and 400 hp? Yes, please. But the previous Nissan 370Z and 350Z? Nissan let those get a little stale. Ok, really stale. For much of the car’s near-decade-long run, things remained unchanged. As a result, it became undesirable to many enthusiasts. Let’s hope the 2023 Nissan Z changes things for the carmaker.

A Mitsubishi Eclipse used to be a fun, sporty bargain

Mitsubishi is perhaps the worst, or best, example here. I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a fall from grace. The Mitsubishi Eclipse used to be an icon back in the early 2000s. That’s especially true post-Fast and Furious. The Mitsubishi Eclipse was a small, affordable sports car worthy of enthusiasts’ attention. Now it’s a boring ol’ crossover. The Mr. Crabs “Am I going to defile this grave” meme comes to mind.

The 2022 Subaru WRX lost its lead

From the best example to the most controversial, let’s talk about the 2022 Subaru WRX. It’s been, well, not well-received. That’s largely due to the new WRX’s plastic fenders. It’s also a rather recent fall from grace in the mind of many. With worse fuel economy and frustrating trim levels, it’s easy to see why some consider the most recent ‘Rex to be a step backward. We’ll have to see if the driving experience makes up for it all. Hopefully, it does.

Lamborghini is a supercar brand that isn’t what it used to be

This one’s all me. I think Lamborghini isn’t where it should be. Post-Audi acquisition, the brand took a step forward in reliability and build quality. But it lost a little Lamborghini madness on the way. Where’s my sketchy traction control? My manual transmission dammit? Lambo had the opportunity to keep the stick and be the odd one out. Given the rise in value I’ve seen in classic Lambos, ditching the stick was a huge mistake. Especially when the new engines are so good. At least they aren’t building crossovers and calling them “Muira.”


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