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2014 BMW Alpina B7 on Cars & Bids article highlights:

  • The 2014 BMW Alpina B7 is a more powerful, sporty, and comfortable version of the F01-gen 7 Series that’s built for high-speed highway driving
  • A well-maintained, near-stock example is currently listed on Cars & Bids for $28,500
  • Although this 7 Series generation had some engine issues, many were addressed by 2014, and this B7 has extensive service records

Now that BMW officially owns Alpina, we’ll likely see more of the tuner’s handiwork on a regular basis. But even the ‘entry-level’ Alpina models that we don’t get in the U.S. aren’t exactly cheap. However, thanks to depreciation’s helping hand, used ones are way more affordable, sometimes worryingly so. And this week, one of these reasonably-priced luxury highway stormers, a 2014 BMW Alpina B7, is up for grabs on Cars & Bids.

The 2014 BMW Alpina B7 injects the F01 7 Series with M-like speed and cruise-crushing comfort

A blue 2013 BMW Alpina B7 in a parking lot
2013 BMW Alpina B7 | BMW
2014 BMW Alpina B7
Engine4.4-liter ‘M2/N63TU’ twin-turbocharged V8
Horsepower540 hp
Torque538 lb-ft
TransmissionEight-speed automatic
Curb weight4712 lbs
0-62 mph time4.5 seconds (claimed)

For decades, European customers enjoyed Alpina-tuned BMWs while Americans were left twiddling their thumbs. But in the early 2000s, the souped-up Bimmers finally arrived on our shores to dominate the highway. One of the earliest ones was the 2007 B7, based on the E65-gen 7 Series. And after the F01 7 Series launched, a new Alpina B7 wasn’t far behind.

Initially, the F01-gen B7’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 made 500 hp. But in 2013, Alpina bumped that up to 540 hp. That makes the 2014 Alpina B7 not just more powerful than the BMW 750i, but also the V12-powered 760Li. In addition, the 2014 B7 has an eight-speed automatic rather than a six-speed one.

On paper, the updates didn’t change the 0-60 time. However, Car and Driver found the pre-update model hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, which is faster than Alpina claimed. The 2014 BMW Alpina B7 is therefore slightly faster IRL; think a 4.2-second 0-60, Car and Driver says. Furthermore, the extra power and gears did bump the 2014 B7’s top speed from 175 to 194 mph.

More important than the actual numbers, though, is how those numbers feel behind the wheel. The 2014 BMW Alpina B7 doesn’t jolt off the line so much as it quickly and inexorably gathers speed. It’s like a cannonball dropped off a tower rather than shot out of a cannon: slow at first but fast by the end. And since BMW won’t make an M7, the B7 is the next best thing.

But that’s not damning by faint praise. The 2014 BMW Alpina B7 is “shockingly athletic” given its size, Car and Driver reports. It turns in quickly and accurately, its chassis is well-balanced, and the suspension keeps the body roll to a minimum. Plus, it has an Alpina body kit that reduces lift.

Yet though Alpina overhauled the suspension and transmission for B7 duty, it didn’t neglect comfort or stability. This super sedan glides over bumpy roads and highways with aplomb. And when it comes time to slow down, the brakes “are superb,” Car and Driver notes.

There’s a low-mileage example for sale on Cars & Bids

As it does now, Alpina didn’t give many F01 BMW 7 Series cars the B7 treatment. That makes the 2014 B7 currently listed on Cars & Bids an uncommon sight. And it’s a well-equipped one, too.

In addition to the Alpina-specific body enhancements and 21” wheels, this 2014 B7 has a power sunroof, trunk-lid spoiler, parking sensors, keyless entry, quad exhaust tips, and adaptive LED headlights. Meanwhile, the interior features Nappa leather upholstery, heated rear seats, heated and ventilated front seats, wood trim, and a heated steering wheel. Furthermore, this B7 has lane-change warning, navigation, a surround-view camera system, night vision with pedestrian detection, and a Bang & Olufsen audio system.

As of this writing, this 2014 BMW Alpina B7 only has 53,754 miles on the clock. It’s also in great shape: the only flaws are some exterior chips and scrapes as well as some seat creases. Plus, apart from the tinted windows, it’s stock. And it has a ton of service records, including a recent oil change and maintenance inspection.

A used 2014 BMW Alpina B7 might be a fast bargain, but will it be reliable?

As of this writing, this 2014 BMW Alpina B7 is listed at $28,500 with three days left in the auction. That’s roughly $11,500 less than the cheapest post-updated F01 B7 currently listed on Autotrader. And keep in mind that this sedan’s base price in 2014 was $128,495. Plus, a brand-new B7 starts at $143,200.

Since this is a used high-end BMW, a pre-purchase inspection is recommended. Also, like the contemporary B6, the F01-gen B7 has an N63 twin-turbo V8, which is a problem-prone BMW engine. However, it’s worth noting that BMW heavily revised the N63 for the 2013 model year, and this ‘N63TU’ engine is significantly less problematic.  And though a dirt-cheap, poorly-maintained Alpina is worth steering clear of, this 2014 car is neither.

So, if you want a reasonably-priced luxury sedan that eats up miles over all kinds of roads, this 2014 BMW Alpina B7 might be worth a look.

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