Cars and Scams All for the Instagram Glam

Everyone has a hobby. Sports, crafts, and reading are just a few examples, but one of the most exciting pastimes of pleasure is probably collecting. Stamps, coins, and comic books are a few popular items that people often enjoy acquiring, but for individuals who might enjoy the more luxurious things, there is car collecting. Who doesn’t love luxury cars? There are many reasons people might begin collecting cars. From family tradition to a passion for automobiles, there are endless ways to become involved. 

Jay Leno, the famous comedian and host of The Tonight Show has shared that the cars’ stories are why he loves collecting them so much. Historically speaking, celebrities have dominated the car collecting playfield due to the price tag that often comes with this particular niche. However, more recently, some influencers have been trying to scam their way into the scene. Find out which celebrities have the best car collections out there and what some Instagram influencers are trying to do to compete. 

Celebrities with the most impressive car collections 

Some people might have a hard time wrapping their heads around that Leno has over 160 cars in his collection, but it doesn’t stop there. The star has a whopping 117 motorcycles as well. His custom 2007 turbine-powered EcoJet is one of the many unique models that Leno owns. Ironically enough, Leno bought his first car before he even had his driver’s license. It seems like he realized he had a real love for automobiles early on in life. 

Jerry Seinfeld is another famous comedian who has a widespread reputation as a car collector. Believe it or not, Seinfeld’s car collection of 150 cars is estimated between $50-$150 million. The 1959 Porsche RSK Spyder and the 1964 Volkswagen Camper “EZ Camper” Conversion are two of the many gems Seinfeld safely stores in his prestigious garage. 

Kanye West is another acclaimed celebrity who is known for collecting some of the most exclusive automobiles. West spent $1.54 million on the popular Bugatti Veyron. The Lamborghini Gallardo is another famous model West has snatched up over the years. These celebrities added momentum to this one-of-a-kind hobby. However, as of late, there seems to be a noticeable shift in the collectors behind the cars. 

More recently, who has been on Instagram flaunting extravagant car collections? 

Influencers have been taking over Instagram to flash their fancy lifestyles. While using brand names and luxurious backdrops, Instagram influencers attract millions and millions of followers. Raymond “Hushpuppi” Abbas is one influencer who has gained a lot of traction and clout on the social media platform. Joshua Cartu’s reputation and his Instagram account is an excellent example of an influencer who is blowing up the car collectibles industry. 

Some of the accounts and posts seem too good to be true, and sadly enough, that seems to be precisely the case. 

What car scams have some influencers been exploiting on Instagram? 


The Best Luxury Cars Don’t Actually Cost an Arm and a Leg

Abbas and Cartu are two Instagram influencers who loved collecting cars, but that seems to all be in the past now. Cartu and Abbas both found themselves in sticky situations after investigations led to unsettling discoveries about the business that both of these men engaged in recent times. 

In Abbas’s case, there was a tremendous amount of evidence pointing to money-laundering, scamming, hacking, and cyber fraud. The influencer would create fake business facades to lead people on and steal their money. Ultimately, this is what led to the 38-year-old’s arrest. The investigation revealed that Abbas had millions of victims’ email addresses. Similarly, Cartu also began laundering money and participating in a lot of fraud-related business. 

Though Cartu has yet to face the music, it is likely only a matter of time until authorities bring him in as well. Abbas and Cartu were well-known for sharing their exclusive car collections, and now many people are wondering what will happen to them. Hopefully, moving forward, influencers will realize scamming, car collecting, and social media might not be the best mix.