Cars and Bids Bargain of the Week: 1995 Acura Legend L

Though the ILX Type S is giving Acura some entry-level sportiness, the premium brand’s history is littered with other performance cars. For example, the NSX supercar, which continues today as an American-made hybrid supercar. There’s also the Integra Type R, which introduced VTEC into car enthusiast parlance. But Acura also had a sports luxury sedan of sorts in the form of the Legend. And the one listed this week on Cars and Bids makes for an excellent bargain purchase.

The Acura Legend was a somewhat-sporty luxury flagship

When Honda launched Acura as its premium brand in the US, the Legend was one of its first two cars, Automobile reports. This was back in 1986, several years before Toyota introduced the Lexus LS400.

A black 1986 Acura Legend
1986 Acura Legend | Acura

Being based on the contemporary Honda Accord, the 1st-gen Acura Legend wasn’t necessarily ground-breaking, Automobile reports. But it did come with some interesting features. It was the first Honda product in the US to offer a V6, a 2.5-liter one with 151 hp and 154 lb-ft. And you could order it with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

The Legend also rode on 4-wheel independent suspension. And while it wasn’t quite as sharp as the contemporary BMWs, it was still a solid front-wheel-drive car, Road & Track reports. Especially in ‘L’ trim, which came with leather upholstery, heated mirrors, and ABS.

The side view of a gray 1991 Acura Legend
1991 Acura Legend side | Acura

The 1st-gen Acura Legend was sold from 1986 to 1990, receiving a coupe model and a 161-hp 2.7-liter V6 along the way. Then in 1991 Acura launched the 2nd-gen Legend, which, in 1993, captured the adoration of one Ludacris. Luda still owns his 255,000-mile1993 Legend, which Acura restored several years ago, The Drive reports.

And now, you can get a taste of what he’s been enjoying all these years.

The 1995 Acura Legend L listed on Cars and Bids

A green 1995 Acura Legend L
1995 Acura Legend L | Cars and Bids

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The 1995 Acura Legend L currently listed on Cars and Bids comes from the last production year of the 2nd-gen car. 1995 also marks the last year of Legend production; in 1996, it was replaced by the RL.

The brown-leather front seats and brown-black dashboard of a 1995 Acura Legend L
1995 Acura Legend L interior | Cars and Bids

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Being an L model, this 1995 Acura Legend sedan doesn’t have the GS’ upgraded 230-hp V6. However, it does have leather trim, a power-adjustable steering column, dual airbags, a sunroof, and a Bose audio system with a trunk-mounted CD changer. Plus, it has 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS, cruise control, and the optional rear spoiler.

This 1995 Legend L isn’t cosmetically perfect. Cars and Bids reports some driver’s seat wear, as well as some chips and scratches in the paint. Plus, the Carfax report notes it sustained some front-end damage in 2013. However, it only has 51,859 miles on the clock. And it comes with a long list of service records dating back to when the car was new.

What makes this a bargain buy?

As of this writing, this 1995 Acura Legend L is listed on Cars and Bids for $5600 with 3 days left in the auction.

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Admittedly, the Legend isn’t necessarily an expensive car. However, they can go for twice as much on Bring a Trailer. And a 2nd-gen Legend with similar mileage went for $9000 on Cars and Bids in September 2020. That makes this 1995 example a definite bargain. Plus, it’s Ludacris-approved.

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