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Picking up a used BMW can understandably feel like a bit of a dice roll when it comes to reliability. Fortunately, if you’re not after the high-performance models, there’s usually less stress on the components—and you. And with many older used BMWs, even if you give up some speed, you’re often still getting some solid sporty cars. Case in point, this week’s Cars & Bids bargain car, a 2010 E90 BMW 328i xDrive.

Whether it has RWD or AWD, an E90 BMW 328i makes an excellent sports sedan

A gray 2008 E90 BMW 3 Series in a parking lot
2008 E90 BMW 3 Series | BMW
2007-2011 ‘E90’ BMW 328i
Engines3.0-liter ‘N52’ inline-six
3.0-liter ‘N51’ inline-six
Horsepower230 hp
Torque200 lb-ft
TransmissionsSix-speed manual
Six-speed automatic
Curb weight3380 lbs (2007 RWD, Car and Driver)
0-60 mph time6.1 seconds (2007 RWD, Car and Driver)

When browsing for an E90 3 Series, many enthusiasts gravitate towards the E90 M3 sedan and E92 M3 coupe. But those M3s are built on the regular 3 Series’ chassis. And while it’s not as fast as its fellow E90s, the BMW 328i is just as fun to drive.

While its successor, the F30/F31 3 Series, is stiffer and more efficient, BMW set a high standard with the E90, Road & Track says. The older cars’ hydraulically-assisted steering is significantly more communicative, for one. And while the 328i isn’t the most powerful E90 model, its inline-six engine is smoother than its successor’s turbocharged four-cylinder.

Speaking of engines, the E90 BMW 328i sedan, as well as its wagon (E91), coupe (E92), and convertible (E93) variants have a unique wrinkle among its contemporaries. At least it does in the US. In most states, the 328i used the N52 engine. But in others, BMW gave it a modified version, the N51, to let it pass Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) standards. While these engines aren’t 100% identical, their power outputs are.

There’s a 2010 model up for grabs on Cars & Bids

A silver 2010 BMW 328i xDrive sedan in a parking lot
2010 BMW 328i xDrive sedan | Cars & Bids

Since the 2010 BMW 328i currently listed on Cars & Bids is an xDrive model, it has AWD. It also has xenon headlights with washers, an electronically-operated glass moonroof, leather upholstery, walnut wood trim, and cruise control with a braking function. That last feature isn’t quite adaptive cruise control, but it’s close. This sedan has standard stability control, child seat anchors, and a limited-slip differential, too.

This E90 BMW 328i has anti-dazzle side- and rearview mirrors, too; the former are heated and power-operated as well. And it has a heated multi-function steering wheel and heated front seats with adjustable lumbar support. Plus, it comes with a universal garage-door opener, USB iPod adapter, fog lights, automatic climate control, and a satellite-radio hookup.

The gray-leather-upholstered front seats and wood-trimmed dashboard of a 2010 BMW 328i xDrive sedan
2010 BMW 328i xDrive sedan front interior | Cars & Bids

As this E90 BMW 328i xDrive is an SULEV model, it has the N51 engine. But it has just over 33,400 miles on the clock. And while its vehicle history lists minor damage to its right rear, it appears that a previous owner repaired it. Otherwise, the only flaws are some scrapes, scuffs, scratches, trunk stains, and a crack in one door’s weather stripping. Also, the selling dealer just replaced the engine oil and filer as well as the cabin air filter.

If you maintain it well, an E90 BMW 328i is a solid used luxury sports sedan

As of this writing, this 2010 E90 BMW 328i is listed at $8900 with three days left in the auction. Considering it originally started at about $35K, that’s a considerable discount. And the cheapest similar model on Autotrader is almost twice as expensive.

Although the E90 3 Series had some problems, its engines are fairly solid. Especially post-2009-facelift engines, which this 328i has. And though the N51 is subtly different than the N52, it’s no more or less problematic, eEuroparts reports. Given this BMW 328i xDrive’s age and mileage, coolant-system issues and oil leaks shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, a pre-purchase inspection is recommended.

Still, this AWD E90 has all the makings of a fun, affordable sports sedan.

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