Carmaker Subscriptions You Should Know About

Signing up for a car subscription depends solely on what matters most to you regarding your car experience: car ownership or car flipping. The value of a car subscription is definitely up for debate, but it is certainly fun to think about driving one car one day, then getting to switch it up just a few days later. Car subscriptions are still very new, but if this type of service is appealing to you, here is a list of some available options from carmakers now.  Just remember, the availability of these subscriptions depends on your location. 

Acess by BMW

Access by BMW is a solid car subscription that offers luxury driving flexibility. This is a month-to-month service that has three membership options. The entry-level Icon membership is $998 per month and gives you keys to vehicles like the M240i convertible. 

The mid-tier Legend option is $1399 a month and includes models like the X5 xDrive. By advancing to the BMW M level for $2699, you get to drive rides like the M850 Gran Coupe. The official fee to join is $575. After you have been officially enrolled, BMW will deliver the car to your door.

Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo gives you the option to swap cars annually, not weekly, or even monthly. The carmaker designed this membership as a “more flexible alternative to car leasing.”  This all-inclusive option comes with your insurance and maintenance needs in mind. Pricing for this service starts around $700 per month and includes Volvo’s acclaimed XC40 SUV. 

Mercedes Benz Collection 

The monthly Mercedes Benz Collection subscription was first piloted in Nashville and Philadelphia. Now, the membership is only available in Nashville and Atlanta. There are three membership plans offered in Nashville. The Signature option is $1095; the Reserve tier is $1595; the Premier one is $2995. Examples of the models available in the Signature tier is the A220 sedan while the Reserve tier includes options like the CLS450 sedan. Go all the way up to Premier and you get to drive the G 550.

The Atlanta membership also has the same three options in addition to the bonus tier, AMG Exclusive, which is $3595 and includes fancier models like AMG GT Roadster.  This Benz service really does give you access to a vast car collection.  The Collection membership allows you to flip cars as much you want and other standard features include insurance, car cleanings, and delivery service.

Porsche Passport

Like Access by BMW, Porsche Passport is a true car subscription service that you can pay for month-to-month. It’s available in two tiers: Launch and Accelerate which cost $2100 and $3100 respectively. Both options require a $595 activation fee. The Launch option will give you access to Porsche models like the Cayman, Boxster, and Cayenne. The elevated Accelerate option grants you access to wonders like the 911 Carrera 4S and the Macan GTS. 

No matter what tier you choose, both the Launch and Accelerate memberships include customer support like roadside assistance and maintenance, personal concierge, car detailing, and unlimited car flips. Insurance is unsurprisingly pricey. The main drawback here for many is that this service is only available in Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, Toronto.