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Carlex Design has been, shall we say, tweaking exotic vehicles like Ferrari for years. Its latest is this Ferrari 458. Externally, it is relatively stock, while inside, its black and yellow leather grabs you. It’s well done. But how do enthusiasts feel about the rather contrasty mix inside?

How different is the Carlex Ferrari 458 interior redo?

Carlex 458
Carlex Ferrari 458 interior | Carlex

Ferrari’s mid-engine V8-powered 458 has not been in production for 14 years, yet, it still looks fresh. So there is no need to modify the design with scoops, splitters, vents, and such. But inside, Carlex went wild. 

While it retains much of the stock interior, minus the two-tone approach, the custom seats are certainly contemporary, almost futuristic. The sculptured design breakup looks great. Whether it would come off better with a toned-down contrast is in the eye of the beholder. 

What did Carlex do inside the Ferrari 458?

Carlex interior
Carlex Ferrari 458 interior | Carlex

Black Alcantara abounds on the headliner, pillars, and sun visors. Yellow piping runs around the seats, console, and floor mats. It visually separates the black leather and Alcantara, almost like pinstriping on bodies. As does the yellow stitching found on the black leather. 

The seat inserts are perforated, to add visual texture, and visually tone down the contrast between the black leather bolsters and yellow inserts. Carlex logos are on the floor mats with “458 Italia” stitching on the upper doors. 

Why did Carlex pick the Ferrari 458?

Ferrari 458
Carlex Ferrari 458 interior | Carlex

So, why a 458 model? Well, the Pininfarina-designed body has held up well. And Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher consulted on the interior’s design. It is said he influenced all of the controls that flipped from the dash to the steering wheel. Ferrari’s goal was a premium, V8-powered Ferrari.

The approach for the frame is an all-aluminum heat-formed chassis that features better structural rigidity over earlier Ferraris. Weighing in at 3,000 lbs, it could use as much lightning as Ferrari could find. This enhanced performance, which saw over 200 mph. 

Being mid-engine, it had a weight ratio of 42% front, and 58% rear. The V8 spins a dual-clutch seven-speed F1 transmission. 

So is the Carlex 458 good or bad?

Carlex Ferrari interior
Carlex Ferrari 458 interior | Carlex

Ferrari did several versions of the 458, including a topless version. Race car versions included the 458 Challenge, 458 Italia GT2 and GT3, and Grand Am. 

Prices today are around $200,000 for used models with around 12,000 miles. As Ferraris go, that’s not terribly high. Some we saw on national used Ferrari lists had under 3,000 miles. In 10 years, we’ll all wish we had stepped up and purchased one. But, that’s true of many future classics. 

As for this special 458, we like the upgraded interior. What do you think of the contrasting yellow/black combo?


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