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Conflicts can sometimes occur in areas where bicycles and cars share the road. Drivers might get annoyed when cyclists don’t follow traffic rules or keep them from moving ahead, while cyclists have to deal with things like cars driving in bike lanes, as well as the fear of getting hit. The conflict between cyclists and car drivers recently took a bizarre turn in Belgium. A car salesperson dumped a bucket of water on a cyclist that spits on his cars every day.

Cyclist spits on cars on a daily basis at a dealership as he rides by in a bike lane

A car salesperson at a dealership in Belgium dumping a bucket of water on a cyclist that spits on his cars every day
Car salesperson dumps water on cyclist | Zenger Short News via YouTube

Last month in Limburg, Belgium, every day, a cyclist spat on cars at Auto’s James while he rode by the dealership in a bike lane, as detailed by Mirror. At first, staff at the dealership could figure out why saliva kept showing up on the cars. However, after viewing the CCTV footage, they “quickly realized it was the same man spitting on them, over and over again.”

Car salesperson takes revenge on spitting cyclist

The staff at the dealership had enough of the cyclist’s spitting antics. Mesut Kurtulus, the manager of Auto’s James, said that the cyclist spits on “vehicles every day as he sped by in the cycle lane, and staff refused to put up with his behavior any longer.” 

The dealership got its revenge on the cyclist, and a viral video shows the strange incident. The video, taken on the street next to the dealership, shows the “unnamed cyclist passing by the cars, leaning over to spit on one of them as he reportedly did every single day for several months.” 

However, this time, the cyclist would not be able to do his daily “spit and run.” He didn’t know that a car salesperson “waited around the corner, ready to surprise him with a bucket of water.” Then, another employee called out to the man, while the car salesperson “chucked the water over him before he cycled off again dripping wet.”

Cyclist might have spat on cars because they covered up the bike lane

Kurtulus said he “doesn’t know what the man’s issue is but thinks his animosity could possibly be due to him being displeased with how the cars cover up the cycling lane.” He continued, “We respect everyone, and if people have a problem, they can always come to us, and we will find a solution. Until we know what’s going on, we can’t take any action. But tackling us in this way is disrespectful and unheard of. It is very unfortunate that the cyclist cannot tell us what his problem is. But also that he didn’t stop spitting at our cars.” 

Kurtulus also added, “We were fed up with it, so we surprised him with a bucket of water. Waste of water.”

Both the cyclist and dealership could have dealt with the issue in a better way. If the cyclist was annoyed by cars parked in the bike lane, he could have talked to the dealership directly or addressed the issue with a local government agency. 

While the video is quite humorous, the water dumped on the cyclist could have resulted in an accident. More direct communication from the dealership or informing the police or another government agency would have been a better — and less dangerous solution.


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