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Being a car salesperson doesn’t exactly sound like the most exciting job in the world. But that isn’t always the case on this fine Sunday. When one salesman was working at the Gillman Dodge in Houston, his day didn’t exactly go as planned when someone asked for a test drive in a Dodge Challenger.

This Dodge Challenger test drive did not go as planned

A red Dodge Challenger
A salesman was kidnapped during a Dodge Challenger test drive | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Dodge Challenger vehicles are quick and fun vehicles that aren’t too hard to get ahold of. 22-year-old Jose Martinez was working at the local Dodge dealership when a man came in and asked for a test drive. The men requested a Dodge Challenger specifically, which Martinez obliged.

According to ABC News, things quickly went downhill after that. “I knew that guy was a little sketch when I first met him. He kept on talking weird, and I thought, let’s go on a quick test drive and come back,” Martinez said. While it was Martinez and the suspect in the Dodge Challenger during the test drive, he noticed two men in a second car. The second car was following the red Challenger as the pair drove around.

Martinez said the car pulled over, and the suspect hit him before he could do anything. After that, the two men in the second car appeared out of nowhere and threw him in the trunk.

The Dodge Challenger was on the run with Martinez in the trunk

After finding himself in the trunk of the brand new Dodge Challenger, Martinez realized he had his phone in his pocket. He called 911 from the trunk and set up the “Find my iPhone” app. His manager from the dealership was able to track him and help locate Martinez and the car. “I was in there for like five minutes, and I thought this is not going to happen, so I was already setting up my phone, and I called the cops and let them know what car I was in what description it was.”

At one point, the Dodge Challenger pulled over and stopped moving. Martinez knew enough about the vehicle to know that a button in the trunk would open it from the inside. When the trunk opened, his kidnapper had a gun pointed in his direction. Martinez was able to take the gun and ended up shooting one of the kidnappers. He did not get a good look at who the men were.

The three men drove off in the Dodge Challenger and left Martinez on the side of the road. Unfortunately for the crazy kidnappers, the tracked cell phone was still in the trunk.

A hefty sentence was given to the kidnappers


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The police followed the Dodge Challenger until it hit another car. All of the men jumped from the vehicle and ran in different directions at that point. The police found Martinez walking along the road nearby and drove him to a local hospital. Fortunately, Martinez photocopied the ID of the kidnapper per policy. At the hospital, Martinez was told his nose was broken in nine places.

According to the Houston Chronicle, William Young received 15 years for his participation in the event. He was convicted of aggravated robbery using a deadly weapon and agreed to testify against his co-defendant. William Gardner was the one who asked for the test drive.

Initially, Gardner asked for a drive in the Dodge Hellcat. Gardner promised 24-year-old Young a new car if he helped participate. Martinez made a full recovery but doesn’t go on Dodge Challenger test drives anymore.