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Editor’s note: This article was updated on 6/8/2023. 

Growing up, our parents always told us that red sports cars got the most speeding tickets. That might have been true at the time, but the joy of getting a speeding ticket is definitely more equally spread out these days. Unless, of course, you drive a Dodge sedan or a Subaru SUV of any kind.

2020 was a weird year for driving

Most of the year was spent in various forms of COVID-19 lockdown throughout the country, but the speeding tickets didn’t stop. This led to a lot of empty streets and gave the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal on roads that would normally be full of traffic. According to U.S. News, this “spawned a spike in speeding and other types of reckless driving.”

LA had to alter its traffic signals and pedestrian signals to account for cars speeding around. New York City issued 24,765 speeding tickets from automated speed cameras on March 27 alone. That was almost double the amount issued on the same day in February, despite there being a lot fewer cars on the road.

A shocking car model with the most speeding tickets

Would you have ever guessed that the Subaru WRX would that the car with the most speeding tickets in 2020? Probably not. According to Insurify, 20% of all Subaru WRX received speeding tickets last year. For the record, the national average of drivers with a speeding ticket is 10.54%.

From there, the Volkswagen GTI and the Subaru Impreza were in the next spots for the most speeding tickets. The GTI came in with 17.38% of drivers, and the Impreza at 15.9%. In 2019, the top three cars were the Subaru WRX, Scion FR-S, and Volkswagen GTI. The FR-S didn’t even make the list this year, but that might be because the popularity of the car has dropped off a bit.

Subaru does have a bit of a cult following, which would attest to the high amount of WRX and Impreza models on the road. The next make might surprise you, though.

Dodge drivers also earned a lot of speeding tickets

In fifth place, the Dodge Dart came in with 15.45% of owners receiving speeding tickets. Seventh place was the Dodge Challenger with 15.09%. Eighth place was the Dodge Ram 2500 with 14.79%, followed by the Dodge Charger in ninth place with 14.71%. Where are all of these Dodge drivers going in such a rush?

Dodge has been working on improving the performance aspect of the current lineup, which is evident here. You might not peg the Dart or the Ram 2500 as speeding machines, but clearly, they are.

It is interesting to note how many affordable brands are listed here as opposed to luxury options. Obviously, affordable brands are available to much wider audiences. A Ferrari is no longer needed to get into trouble. Just hop into your Dart!

Most of the speeding cars were under $30,000

All of the automobiles on this list of speeding ticket earners came in under $30,000 for the base model MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.) The one car that came in around $32,000 was the Infiniti G37 which came in fourth with 15.61%. The charger was just below that, with a base MSRP of $29,995.

It seems that the more easily-available cars on the market make for a fun drive, even if it does come with a ticket. If you are in the market for any kind of car to get a ticket in, Dodge might be your best bet. Though a Ram might not be your usual vessel to go speeding in, it serves multiple purposes now. Pick up sod at the local Home Depot, get to the movie theatre on time, and take your groceries home.


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