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Lucifer standing next to his car.

What Car Does Lucifer Drive?

Lucifer is a series about what happens when God's castaway son, Lucifer, lands in LA. The character of Lucifer is complex and the tale is the opposite of the one in the Bible. Lucifer is presented as a neglected son who tries to do well and overcome his devilish ways while on earth.

Lucifer is one of the best gems on Netflix and a successful adaptation of a graphic novel. It has everything an audience could wish for: a creative plot-line, elements of true crime, well-written tales from the Bible, and a sexy cast of celebrities.

Lucifer is a fictional series about what happens when God’s castaway son, Lucifer, lands in LA after a freak accident. The character is complex, and the tale is the opposite of the one in the Bible. He is presented as a neglected son who tries to do well and overcome his devilish ways while on earth. But, what is the car he is driving?

Who in the devil is Lucifer? 

Lucifer standing next to his car.
Lucifer and his car | Getty Images

Given that he’s Lucifer Morningstar, he manages the nightclub Lux with an attractive cadre of angels and demons. In his spare time, he pursues local detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German, assists the police department with his celestial powers, and deals with his dysfunctional family. While the rewrite of an ancient Bible story is fascinating, many viewers tune in to watch Tom Ellis play Lucifer. 

Hottie Lucifer Morningstar’s Sweet Ride 

For many, watching Tom Ellis play Lucifer Morningstar is the highlight of the show. Tom Ellis is tall, dark, and handsome, but not any ordinary TV hunk. Ellis is dapper, has an intoxicating accent, and showcases his musical talents in nearly every episode. Luci fans love following the saga of his tortured love life. They wait to see whether Lucifer will ever make it with good girl Chloe Decker and reform his devilish ways. Lucifer is not a devil in the Biblical sense; he is less cruel, misunderstood, and attempts to assimilate into humankind.

Lucifer struggles against his base motives like lust after having no reason to behave throughout the past millennia. After being the ‘bad kid’ in his father’s eyes, he finds little reason to change until he meets Chloe and develops friendships with other humans. 

Being an immortal, Lucifer has a never-ending bank account and an extravagant sense of style. He has a perfect wardrobe, sleek hairdo, and fits in with the hordes of attractive people in LA. An essential accessory for a man, if you will, is his set of wheels. Lucifer hardly disappoints in this category and cruises around in a Chevy Corvette C1. 

The since discontinued model from the ’50s and ’60s fits Lucifer perfectly with its sleek, vintage look. Lucifer’s car suits his character completely because it fits his image as a debonair devil. While women might watch the show for a look at Tom Ellis, men can drool over the 1962 black C1 as it makes its way around the streets of LA at astonishing speeds. The car is in mint condition, shines delightfully, and is truly a treasure to behold. Lucifer’s C1 is kind of like Batman’s Batmobile and has its fandom. 

What will happen to the Corvette when the show ends? 

Lucifer is a show that touches on the theme of fate. Will Lucifer be fated to reign over hell or allowed to pursue love and happiness on earth? Will he become a mortal? What will God do to control his offspring who always seem to fly around earth and get into mischief? But, some wonder what the fate of the glamorous wardrobe and Lucifer’s car will be when the show ends. Notably, Tom Ellis mused about the vehicle’s fate after the show’s end since he couldn’t help become attached to the sick ride. 

Ellis speculates that the C1 will end up in a museum to preserve it. He believes that “‘it will probably be held at Warner Brothers because Warner Brothers own the show. There is a Warner Bros. studio tour that happens, and it’s part of that Warner Bros. studio tour….’ He thinks that once tours open back up again, the Corvette may appear.” The valuable vehicle will undoubtedly be saved, whether it’s by Warner Brothers or other Hollywood collectors. Luckily, the world’s women will also have Lucifer reruns to revisit and see Tom Ellis looking devilishly handsome. 

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