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For many drivers, the paint colors and accessories on their cars are extensions of their personalities. Some can enhance your car’s performance, such as a spoiler, by making it easier to control and slightly better mileage.

On the other hand, artificial car eyelashes serve no practical purpose. Even so, these cute add-ons have been best sellers for years, especially the ones from Car Lashes. Demand certainly hasn’t slowed down, but supply chain problems might stall any new orders.

What are car lashes?

A set of pink Car Lashes on round headlights.
Car lashes | Getty Images

Car lashes are made from a strong plastic material, which you attach to the top of your car’s headlights. While a few retailers carry these accessories, the most popular ones come from the Car Lashes company in Utah. Founded in 2010, Car Lashes has since received multiple design awards and are sold at retail locations in many countries.

Each product is hand-painted with high-grade automotive paint and customized to fit any vehicle. Buyers have plenty of color options, from solid colors to sparkly iridescent shades. Car Lashes even offers chrome-plated lashes to match your car’s grille.

This company also sells Crystal Eyeliner products, which are strips of rhinestone crystals applied above the headlights. You can also buy blinged-out license plate frames and rear-view window covers. Hot-pink steering wheel covers, crystal dice sets, hula dancers, and hanging crystal balls are available to complete the look inside.

Now might not be the best time to buy car lashes

Car Lashes urges customers to be mindful of extended wait times for customer service responses and product deliveries. The founder told ABC4 News that most of the company’s custom-made products are imported from overseas. As such, the company has been subjected to the same pandemic-related delays that have affected the rest of the auto industry.

Increased shipping and customs fees have also affected the company’s finances. Due to that, Car Lashes has increased the prices on several of its offerings. A set of solid-color Lashes costs about $30, but fancier Special Edition lashes can cost twice as much.

Crystal Eyeliner sets are slightly cheaper at $20, and interior accessories usually aren’t more than $15. Some products, like the steering wheel covers, are currently unavailable as the company works to get more in stock. 

Additionally, some products have disclaimers that mention a two-week waiting period before orders are shipped. Fortunately, the founder of Car Lashes assures customers that the prices will stay as low as possible.

Other weird car accessories we can’t get over

Car lashes may seem like an odd accessory, but we’d argue that the car bra is even stranger. Also known as a nose mask, it’s a vinyl cover designed to protect the front of your car from scratches and dings. It’s usually black, but some manufacturers sell ones that match the color of your vehicle (more or less).

Car bras are more of a hassle than car lashes because the surface underneath can become sticky without regular cleaning. Car bras are also expensive: a custom-fitted one costs $132 on Advance Auto Parts.

If cost isn’t a barrier to you, installing scissor doors (commonly known as “Lambo doors”) on your car can give it a sporty flair. They’re also great outdoors in tight parking spaces, though you might run into clearance issues inside a parking garage.

Neon lights make your car look flashy, and a set of underglow bulbs usually costs less than $100. However, depending on your chosen color, it could be illegal to use these lights. Car lashes might look like an eyesore to some, but at least they won’t get you pulled over.


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