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Do you love being around cars and are looking for your first job? Don’t worry; there are plenty of jobs in the market, with employers looking for higher high school students or college kids. These jobs are entry-level and pay OK, but if anything, they are a good start in the automotive field. Here are four good examples.

1. Tire technician — $10 – $19 per hour

The average costs of repairs depends on the vehicle, but the most common is catalytic converters
Porsche dealership mechanic | Hannelore Foerster Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you’re at least 16 years old and have an upbeat attitude, you can become a tire technician at places like Pep Boys and Discount Tire. Different employers will have different pay rates depending on your region, but this entry-level job typically pays well. That’s a good thing, considering most tire shops are flowing with customers daily.

Being a tire technician means installing new tires and wheels on cars, performing tire rotations, maintenance, and balancing. Be prepared to get dirty and sweat because although you’ll have the necessary tools to get the job done, it’s pretty labor-intensive.

2. Dealership service porter — $12 – $15 per hour on average

If you have a valid driver’s license and can drive a car with a manual transmission, you could be a service porter at a car dealership. This job entails keeping track of the vehicles on the lot, cleaning cars, shuttling customers to and from home, and working with dealership service workers. There’s a lot of walking around and talking to customers involved with this job, so you’ll get a lot of public interaction to improve your social skills.

3. Car detailer — $14 – $25 per hour on average

A man uses a towel to clean a car
A man uses a towel to clean a car | Getty Images

Do you like having the cleanest car on the block? If so, you can get paid to do what you love by becoming a car detailer. This job requires washing, cleaning, buffing, and waxing customer cars. Fortunately, most of the work is done indoors and pays well. This also goes for other shops that use car detailers to apply car wraps and paint protection film on cars. Just remember that this job requires a perfectionist mindset and a high level of attention to detail.

4. Lube technician — $15 per hour on average

A mechanic performs an oil change in a Ford vehicle at Jiffy Lube
A service technician changes the oil in a Ford vehicle | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Get your mind out of the gutter. A lube technician, either at an independent shop or a dealership, replaces the fluids and filters on cars, in addition to rotating tires. Zip Recruiter states that some light mechanical duties may be required, like changing light bulbs and fuses. The only requirements for this job are to be at least 16 years old, although some states require the applicant to be at least 18.

First automotive jobs for car enthusiasts

Ultimately, if you’re a car nut like us and are looking for your first job, these four positions could work well for you. They may not be fancy or flashy, but they all pay decently well and can lead to other higher-paying jobs down the road.


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