Car Care Tips for When You’re Parked at Home

Shelter-in-place orders through much of the country mean cars are collecting dust in driveways. Drivers encouraged to stay home right now may be wondering “What should I be doing with my car if I can’t drive it?” The longer a car sits unmoved there more issues there are to be discovered later. A few simple car care steps can keep your car running smoothly and give the family an afternoon of activity.

There are a few simple vehicle-care techniques for drivers to remember when they may not be driving or driving infrequently. Here are five car care tips from Nissan to keep your car in shape during this time.

5 car care tips from Nissan

  • Keep the battery charged – a short drive or a trickle charger will work.
  • Drive around the block – this keeps the battery charged and fluids circulating.
  • Check the fluids – maintaining proper oil and transmission fluid levels will prevent problems down the road.
  • Maintain recommended tire pressure – this helps to prevent flat spots when your vehicle is sitting.
  • Wash your vehicle regularly – this helps to protect the paint, especially for cars parked outdoors.

These tips will keep your car in top shape while you are spending more time at home. Involving the whole family in washing the car can be a great activity to relieve boredom.

Dealerships are open for service and repairs as well

If your vehicle requires more attention than what you can accomplish on your own, you have other options during this time as well. Dealerships have been considered essential services. This means many service departments remain open to help you complete the repairs you need.

Many dealerships are also implementing extra measures to keep technicians and customers healthy and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Options such as no-contact drop-off for repairs and service visits or at-home pick-up and delivery are offered at many repair facilities. Contact your local dealership to inquire about what additional services they may provide during this time.