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There are plenty of myths about speeding tickets. But does your car’s color, whether or not you have a spoiler, or the brand of your car actually matter? Well, it might. A new study shows that certain car brands get more tickets than others – and it’s not red Ferraris.

Speeding ticket being issued by Minnesota State Patrol trooper
Speeding ticket being issued by Minnesota State Patrol trooper | Getty Images

Although we can see the stats, the stats themselves don’t prove all that much. Why do certain cars get more tickets than others? It isn’t usually the fastest cars. So, then it must be something to do with the people who buy certain cars. Let’s take a closer look at which car brands get the most speeding tickets. 

Alfa Romeo drivers got more speeding tickets than any other drivers

blue Alfa Romeo Guilia on display at the auto show
Alfa Romeo Giulia | Robert Hradil/Getty Images

According to Gear Patrol, the national average of drivers with a speeding ticket on their record is 10.53. Considering that number, some of these brands show more than the overall average just with drivers who drive these cars. 

Alfa Romeo drivers get more speeding tickets than any other drivers. On average, 14.91 out of 100 Alfa Romeo drivers get tickets in an Alpha. Considering this number, Alfa Romeo drivers are 41.45 percent more likely to get a ticket than drivers of other cars. 

Alfa Romeo Guilia owners got the most tickets with 16.35/100, and Alfa Romeo Stelvio owners got the least with 12.08/100, which is still higher than the national average. 

You already knew Subaru would be on the most speeding tickets list

Subaru’s average is a bit lower than that of Alfa drivers. Subaru drivers are 20.38 percent more likely to get speeding tickets than other drivers. 12.41 out of 100 Subaru drivers get tickets. 

The Subaru WRX predictably gets the most tickets, with 20.03/100 drivers getting caught speeding, while drivers of the Subaru Ascent get the fewest with 6.76/100. 

No one saw Volkswagen coming

1989 Volkswagen Golf Gti
1989 Volkswagen Golf GTI | Getty Images

That’s right. Volkswagen shows up at no. 3 with 12.24 out of 100 Volkswagen drivers get tickets. With so many family-friendly, mild-mannered models, you might think that VW drivers stay off the police’s radio, but don’t forget about the boy racer special, the Volkswagen Golf GTI

The VW Golf GTI carries the team with 15.88/ 100 of its drivers get speeding tickets. The VW Beetle holds the average down, with only 9.12/100 drivers getting caught by the law. 

Maserati adds up

Maserati drivers have been known to hot dog their tridents through the streets from time to time. In fact, 12.23 Maserati drivers out of 100 got tickets in this survey. That makes Maserati drivers 16.67 percent more likely to get a speeding ticket. 

The Maserati GranTurismo really carries the weight, with 13.62/100 drivers getting tickets while only 9.90/100 get speeding tickets in the Quattroporte.

Don’t forget, pickup trucks get tickets, too

A silver 2021 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel parked
2021 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel | Stellantis

Ram drivers get more tickets than any other pickup truck on the market. In fact, 12.22 out of 100 Ram drivers get tickets in their trucks. For the Ram 1500, 12.28/100 drivers get ticketed while only 11.54/100 Ram 2500 are catching the red and blue lights. Ram drivers are 15.74 percent more likely to get a speeding ticket than the average driver. 

Do you own one of these cars that get the most speeding tickets? 

There is a reason these models get so many more tickets than drivers of other cars and trucks. Do these brands attract a certain kind of driver? Do the police just hate Ram trucks? Who knows? We know for sure that these car brands tend to get more tickets than the average driver of other car brands. Maybe you should be extra careful in your Golf GTI. 


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