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As a small truck, the 2022 Ford Maverick is extremely popular among critics and the general public. But now, the 2023 Maverick is here. And Ford has made a range of different updates to its compact pickup. This small truck rides on a unibody platform, and manages to offer both efficiency and legitimate utility. So, what does Car and Driver have to say about the 2023 Ford Maverick?

Does Car and Driver like the 2023 Maverick?

If you are interested in Ford’s small truck, you are likely curious about what the experts have to say about the Maverick. According to Car and Driver, there is a lot to love about this compact pickup truck, even with some of its shortcomings. For 2023, Ford has introduced a Tremor Off-Road model. 

Orange 2023 Ford Maverick pickup truck driving on a mountain road
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

Those familiar with Ford trucks likely recognize the Tremor name. This model adds rugged exterior styling, features a new all-wheel drive system, and even boasts a one-inch lift. Because of this, the 2023 Maverick can be a legitimate off-road pickup. One of the downsides is that in order to get a Maverick Tremor, you must opt for either the XLT or Lariat trim. Much like you would have to do with the FX4 Off-Road package.

Which Ford Maverick is best?

Car and Driver has named the Ford Maverick XLT as the ideal small truck. Although the XLT is more expensive than the XL, you do get more features. These features include things like power exterior mirrors and attractive 17-inch aluminum wheels. If you opt for the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, you can also get up to 4,000 pounds of towing capacity. Although, you will be sacrificing some efficiency. 

A gray 2023 Ford Maverick small pickup truck is driving off-road.
The 2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

Better yet, with the XLT trim, you can equip your truck with either the Tremor package or the FX4 Off-Road package. That is, if you want a truck that is capable of some light trail duty. It seems like the majority of sales have gone to the Maverick Hybrid. So, maybe most are willing to forgo capability in favor of hybrid efficiency. 

Can you buy a Ford Maverick?

If you are interested in Ford’s small truck, you likely know buying a Maverick is no easy task. Recently, the Blue Oval opened up orders for the 2023 Ford Maverick. And according to Ford Authority, Ford was forced to close them in less than two weeks. That fact is a reflection of just how popular the Maverick actually is. 

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor off-roading
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

Now, on Ford’s site, you can still express interest to your dealership that you want a Maverick. So, maybe it is still possible to buy one. Ordering directly from Ford is likely the ideal route, that way, you can afford markups on the used market. Because demand has exceeded supply, it’s not all that rare to see folks paying north of $30k in order to get a Maverick pickup. 

It is worth noting that the Ford Maverick does have some shortcomings. It can’t tow as much as the Hyundai Santa Cruz, and the ride can be a little stiff. But if you are shopping for a new truck, a connected feeling to the road might be what you are looking for.


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