This Car Air Mattress Fits Hundreds of Models, Even Compacts Like the Corolla

Summer is here, and with it comes fireflies, road trips, and camping. Traditional camping methods like RVs and tent camping are as popular as ever, but joining them in popularity is car camping. Car camping is convenient and affordable. Innovators have seen the rise in popularity and rose to meet the need with accessories. One such innovation is the Luno air mattress that fits hundreds of car models, even compacts like the Corolla. 

A man lying on an air mattress outside of his Chevy vehicle
A man on an air mattress | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brought about change in everyone’s lives. It affected industries across the board. Quarantines and stay-at-home orders especially hit the travel industry hard. In particular, travelers became very wary of air travel. The idea of traveling in a cramped plane with strangers became a serious concern.

Those who wished to continue traveling took to the road to embark on road trips. According to Harvest Hosts, even now, two-thirds of Americans feel uncomfortable flying. Over 50% of those surveyed do not feel comfortable staying in a hotel. However, 76% of Americans plan to travel more in 2021 than 2020. This means more and more people are planning to camp.

The Luna Mattress is the car camping solution everyone needs

Although car camping is convenient, it is not always comfortable. If your seat does not recline all the way, you will be sleeping at an angle. Sleeping at an angle is not only uncomfortable, but it also puts pressure on your spine. However, resting flat on the back seat or trunk is not much better than the reclined seat. 

Luckily for small car owners, Luno has created the perfect solution. The Luno air mattress is durable, comfortable for people up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall, and inflates in minutes. The design is double-chambered, meaning each side is inflated individually. If there is more space and two people, both sides of the Luno can be inflated, but if space is tight and there is only one person, the option only to blow up one side is the perfect solution.

With only one side inflated, the Luno fits even compact cars like the Toyota Corolla. Luno versatility makes it compatible with over 1800 vehicles, including 40 car makes and hundreds of models. The Luno fits into cars ranging all the way from a Toyota 4Runner to Tesla EVs. Luno can even fit in a 2021 Ford Mustang.

Car camping is convenient and comfortable


How Do You Go Camping on a Motorcycle?

Traditionally, camping brings to mind either RVs or tents, but car camping is becoming increasingly popular. RVs are expensive to buy or rent, and the gas and upkeep for RVs also add up quickly. Additionally, driving and parking large RVs is cumbersome, especially in urban locations.

An obvious alternative is tent camping. Tents are affordable, portable, and fit easily in a trunk. However, tents can be uncomfortable, and setting up tents is not always easy and often frustrating. Even simpler tents are a pain to set up when arriving at a destination late at night.

Car camping is an excellent alternative to traditional camping methods. It is more convenient than a tent and more affordable than an RV. Travelers can attend car camp in campgrounds, approved backcountry camping locations, or public lands. In a pinch, car campers can even park at some big box stores. Of course, there are certain things to consider before embarking on a car camping trip. A significant concern is comfort. Sleeping in a car can be incredibly uncomfortable. Worse, sleeping without equipment in a vehicle can wreak havoc on the back and spine.