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Last winter on a vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I called for an Uber ride and got a big surprise. It was snowing, and the roads were slick in the high mountain town in the Southwest. I was expecting to see a small, fuel-efficient four-door, but instead, a giant Ford F-150 Raptor truck showed up. It was perfect for getting around in the snow, and it certainly felt safer to be in a monster four-wheel drive truck bounding through puddles and mounds of snow.

But, more importantly, I was surprised that you can drive for Uber in a big truck.

Yes, you can drive a pickup truck for Uber

Uber and Lyft signs in a windshield
Uber and Lyft sign in a windshield of car | Lindsey Nicholson, Getty Images

An Uber spokesperson said that while requirements differ from market to market, pickup trucks are certainly allowed. Uber has a few requirements, however; Your car or truck must be 15 years old or newer and have four doors. Many of us with trucks qualify under those rules. A two-door truck, or one with small half doors in the back, won’t qualify.  

Many trucks qualify for Uber X

Red Ford F-150 Lariat parked at a job site
Ford F-150 Lariat | Ford

For Uber Black and Uber Black SUV, your SUV can be no older than six years old, and sometimes it must be commercially registered. However, Uber has a handy list of vehicles that are approved for Uber X and Black, and the 2018 and newer Ford F-150 is on the list, so is the Ford Maverick, as well as the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali, Toyota’s Tacoma and Tundra, and several other trucks make the list for UberX.

Trucks are all over the Uber Pet listings, though. Uber Pet is a special service for pets who need rides, and for drivers who don’t mind a bit of fur.

Should you drive Uber with a truck?

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. Trucks are great for hauling stuff, and a six-passenger truck would be a comfy space for passengers. But, trucks in general get horrible gas mileage and the rate you get paid from Uber doesn’t change if you’re in a car or a pickup. A long Uber ride could cost the driver a fortune in gas alone.

Sure, you can make money in your truck, but that’s why many professional Uber drivers use fuel-sipping Toyota Prius cars, and not gas hogs.

What is Uber Freight

An blue Uber Freight 18-wheeler
An Uber Freight truck | Uber

Many drivers have heard of Uber Freight, but that’s for 18-wheeler big-rig drivers, not regular pickups. Uber Freight connects shippers and carriers for long-haul drives of big stuff. The system lets someone schedule a shipment of something large, or get a driver to pick up a large load, in 24 hours. Usually, shippers sign long-term contracts with truckers for delivering goods, and Uber Freight allows contract and “spot,” or one-time deliveries.  

Try renting out your truck on Turo

Rental Rivian R1T truck
Rivian R1T on Turo for rent | Turo

If you’re trying to make money with your truck, a better way may be to rent it out on Turo. Turo is a service that rents personal cars to folks who need some wheels. There are several listings on Turo for trucks, and they can rent for $200 per-day or more, depending on the city you live in and your truck. Many, though, may be wary of someone using their truck to haul something too heavy or scratching up the bed during a move.   


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