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The Ford Mustang is a wildly popular muscle car and offers a limited level of practicality. You may have noticed that many people driving their EcoBoost Mustangs rain or shine. However, you might look at an EcoBoost and think, “should I drive a V8-powered pony car instead?” So, can you daily drive a Ford Mustang GT? 

Is a Mustang GT a good daily driver?

Many Ford Mustang GT owners drive their cars on a daily basis. The latest GT, part of the S550 generation, offers a more refined ride than its predecessor, the S197. The handling improvement is thanks mainly to the addition of independent rear suspension. According to TrueCar, the newest Ford Mustangs offer comfortable seats and a touch screen infotainment system with available Apple CarPlay

A new Ford Mustang GT could make a great daily driver if you respect it.
Ford Mustang | Ford

However, the Ford pony car lacks in a couple of categories compared to its rival, the Dodge Challenger. First, the Mustang lacks trunk space compared to the Challenger, especially the GT convertible. Next, the Mustang’s back seat is more wishful thinking than useful. Fitting a third or fourth passenger in your pony car will be an act of contortionism.   

Can you daily a Mustang GT in the winter?

Although the 2022 Ford Mustang GT produces 450 horsepower from its 5.0L V8 engine, the power can be tamed for winter driving with several tactics. First and foremost, if you’re worried about traction, you can use winter tires. Tires make a huge difference with grip, and there is a tread for just about any situation. Next, you can drive carefully, minding how much throttle you apply when accelerating. 

A 2022 Ford Mustang GT is practical enough to daily drive.
2022 Ford Mustang GT | Ford

As long as you respect the road conditions and use the proper tread, there’s no reason why you can’t drive your Ford Mustang GT in the winter months. However, I wouldn’t recommend offroading your pony car in the snow.    

How is the V8 Mustang on fuel?

The Coyote V8-powered Mustang is unsurprisingly thirstier than its turbocharged four-cylinder cousin. According to TrueCar, the GT will manage a mere 15 mpg in the city, one fewer than a comparable Chevrolet Camaro SS. The V8 Camaro also defeats the Mustang at freeway speeds, with the Mustang getting 24 mpg highway. 

The 2022 Ford Mustang GT California Special is a solid daily driver pony car.
2022 Mustang GT California Special | Ford

What can you drive instead of the V8 pony car?

If you want a two-door V8 muscle car with lots of room for groceries, the Dodge Challenger R/T offers more volume than the Mustang and Camaro. The Challenger offers a bigger back seat than the Mustang, too. However, if you want to take friends with you, consider a four-door Charger R/T.  

Should you daily drive a Ford Mustang GT?

If you’re looking for speed and practicality, you should look for a sporty sedan daily driver. However, if your heart beats to the sound of a Coyote V8, you should drive your Mustang GT. Unless you live somewhere with two months of dry roads, you can and should drive your beloved pony car. 

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