Can The New Ford Escape Go Off-Roading?

With a name like Ford Escape, you expect to see some sort of SUV or truck suited for off-roading. However, the Escape is an angular shaped cross-over that looks like a daily driver, leaving us to wonder how it compares against other off-roading vehicles. 

Can The Ford Escape Go Off-Roading?  

As far as off-roading Ford vehicles go, the Ford Escape is presented as a softer model compared to the new Bronco, but a new mystery vehicle that has not yet received a name will be revealed later this year. For now, people are calling this new mystery model, the ‘Baby Bronco.’

This suggests that Ford is focusing on a new vehicle to fill their gap in the off-roading market instead of focusing on the Escape. 

When it comes to the Ford Escape and off-roading make sure that you get the 4×4 model. As a crossover, it does have the clearance and traction necessary for driving in gravel, snow, mud, and grass at least. 

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Ford

Make Sure Your Ford Escape Is Ready 

For terrain that’s tougher than dirt roads leading to campsites, your Ford Escape will need a little work. Check with your mechanic to make sure your Escape is in tip-top shape before attempting the trails. 

Also, head to the tire shop. You will need all-terrain tires to avoid getting stuck. The standard tires that come on the Ford Escape are thin and narrow. They’re best suited for driving on pavement. You will need a thicker and wider tire to traverse through the mud. 

Otherwise, under the weight of the body, the standard tires will quickly sink in softer sediments and they may not have enough tread to pull itself out of the mud. 

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Ford

Take It Slow 

When you’re ready to hit the trails, take things slow. While the Escape does have the clearance necessary for a little off-roading, it still sits pretty low. It may not be able to go over stumps, small dips, or other conditions without having something get stuck in the undercarriage. 

Another thing to consider is if your Ford Escape has the power to climb and descend steep hills. You need the power to both stop and make it up. For this reason, it’s best to choose an Escape with a six-cylinder engine instead of the four-cylinder engine. 

So, can the Ford Escape go off-roading? We answer this question with a hesitant yes. If you equip your Escape correctly is should be able to navigate beginner trails. It does have a good turning radius to help you get out of narrow, tight spots. 

However, you will have to take things slow. Only do what you feel 115% comfortable with. The Escape is much better suited as a daily driver on the pavement. That being said, the 4×4 model should be able to get through rainy and snowy conditions without slipping if it has the right tires. 

Consider Other Off-Roading Vehicles Instead 

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Ford

If you want a capable off-roading cross-over it might be better to look into other compact vehicles, such as the Renegade or Subaru. However, if you’re a Ford fan you can wait for the 2020 Ford Escape Kuga and the reveal of the ‘Baby Bronco’. 

These models will have more stability and more power than the current Ford Escape models. The Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid will also enhance fuel efficiency but a lower clearance. Despite being lower to the ground, the Kuga should allow for more off-roading adventures than the Escape. 

While we wait for the taller, boxier, more upright Baby Bronco to come out, the Kuga is at least more equipped to hit the trails than the Escape.