Can the Ford F-350 Handle 6.5 Tons of Concrete?

It’s never fun to see a beautiful, capable truck get destroyed in the name of testing a theory. However, answers must be had and the world needed to know – can the Ford F-350 handle 6.5 tons of concrete? That is twice its normal payload by the way, and it’s likely way beyond anything the truck would ever be asked to do. However, a YouTuber named WhistlinDiesel was determined to find out, and he posted the results for our knowledge and entertainment.

The Ford F-350 takes on the Torture Test

The main goal of the test was to prove that aluminum trucks are strong, capable, and can handle an insane amount of weight. So, he decided to put the Ford F-350 to the test and load it with double its payload capacity worth of cement. Enter the cement truck. If you can get through the heartbreaking sight of this truck being destroyed, it’s worth the watch. 

Once filled with the 6.5 tons of concrete, the back of the truck predictably squatted down hard. The suspension elements were compressed together, but the guys were determined to see if the hydraulic system would work or if it would even go. It did. They further tortured the truck with a road test that included hard starts and stops, and even a few donuts. The truck survived and was still driving at the end of the video, but it had plenty of damage.

The bed sides were pushed out, the tires were flattened, and the suspension components in the rear are bent. The axle was bent, and the front passenger fender peeled up. The bed was swaying and concrete was pouring and sloshing out of the bed. Despite all this, the truck still drove just fine with its nose in the air. 

How much is 6.5 tons, really?

OK, first up, 6.5 tons is 13,000 pounds. Keep in mind that the Ford F-350’s normal maximum payload capacity is 7,250 pounds. 13,000 pounds is about the weight of 4 cars – or a tractor – or as WhistlinDiesel says, one extremely obese, morbidly fat horse. It’s also about the weight of an elephant.

Suffice it to say, 6.5 tons is well beyond anything these Ford trucks were meant to do. For reference, the Ford F-250s and F-450s have the same payload capacity, so the test could apply to them too with the specialized equipment. 

The F-350 proves it’s one of the most capable trucks available

A Ford Super Duty F-350 at the North American International Auto Show
A Ford Super Duty pickup truck | David Graff/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The most amazing thing about all this is that this Ford F-350 survived to tell the tale. The Ford F-350 used for the test is not your everyday F-350. It’s customized with all kinds of upgrades, including a coil-over suspension that features hydraulics that raise the front and the rear of the truck up by a few inches. 

The 2020 Ford F-350 is really much too nice to think about trying this test. The F-Series is world-famous for capability and reliability. In 2020, there’s an all-new available 7.3-liter V8 engine as well as an available next-generation V8 turbo diesel. It features a rugged frame and chassis and has best-in-class numbers in all categories including hauling and towing. The 2020 F-350 XL has a maximum payload of 7,850 pounds and a conventional towing capacity of 24,200 pounds.

Hopefully, you aren’t planning on repeating this test and filling the Ford F-350 bed with 6.5 tons of concrete anytime soon. Through the magic of YouTube, we already know that these amazing F-350’s can handle that and probably even more.