Can the Chevrolet Colorado Fit a Surfboard?

The Chevrolet Colorado Z71 is known as a versatile and fuel-efficient pickup truck. Because it is only a midsize truck, many truck enthusiasts feel that it is very limited in what it can do and how it can perform. However, when it comes to performance, this truck is able to outperform a lot of other trucks in its class.

Another thing that makes this truck so appealing is the fact that it has a surprising amount of interior and bed space. The Chevy Colorado features a standard-sized bed that is capable of holding a lot of cargo. Obviously, there are some limits to what this bed can haul. Recently, we were curious to find out how much cargo was too much for Colorado’s bed to handle.

Could you fit long objects in the Colorado, like a surfboard? There have been many articles written about what the Chevy Colorado’s truck bed can hold and here is what we have found out.

How big is the truck bed on the Chevrolet Colorado?

The Colorado comes with two different bed sizes: a short standard and a long standard. The short bed is 5′ 2″ long and the inside of the bed is 55 inches wide. With this bed option, drivers can easily haul cargo that is around 7 feet long if the tailgate is down.

The other option is the long bed. The long bed is 6′ 2″ long This option is available on the extended cab and crew cab Colorado and offers drivers a little bit more room when it comes to carrying large items. The long bed is capable of carrying objects that are around 8 feet long if the tailgate is down. 

No matter which size of bed you choose, there is no denying that having a bed to carry your cargo around is much more convenient and offers more space for your cargo than a trunk of a car or an SUV does.

Can the Chevrolet Colorado haul a surfboard?

Many people who love the outdoors also seem to really love pickup trucks. This versatile vehicle has the power and handling to take you on a great outdoor adventure while also offering plenty of space to haul a wide range of gear. 

While we know that pickup trucks are a great choice of vehicle to take on a camping trip or some other outdoor adventure, many people wonder how well the Colorado will handle the beach. More specifically, if it will be able to carry all of the gear and items you need while at the beach.

A couple of years ago, MotorTrend took the 2015 Chevy Colorado to the beach and found out that the truck had no problem at hauling a surfboard. With the tailgate down, they were able to fit an 8-foot surfboard in the back of the bed with about a foot of the board hanging out at the end. With the tailgate up, they were able to fit both an 8-foot surfboard and a 10-foot longboard in the back. The ends of both boards did stick out a little bit in the back, but the majority of the boards were able to fit securely in the bed of the truck.

What makes the Chevrolet Colorado a good truck for outdoor enthusiasts?

The Chevy Colorado may not be the fanciest truck on the market, but it comes equipped with many modern features that make it a perfect truck for people on the go. The interior features a touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the exterior is rugged and durable enough to handle a wide range of terrains.

The Colorado is also very fuel-efficient, which makes it the perfect vehicle for long road trips. The 3.6-liter V6 engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and is capable of getting around 20 mg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway.