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Automotive apps are gaining in popularity with convenient ways for consumers to access their cars, get directions, and even find available parking spaces. It seems like there’s practically an app for everything, including those that allow owners to lock and unlock their cars remotely. 

Have you heard about SpotHero? This particular app is specifically designed to help people identify available parking spaces. However, it also claims to be able to find the absolute best parking spots. We wanted to see if SpotHero really could deliver on its claims. Here’s what you need to know to determine if it’s worth downloading.

A web app showing disabled parking spaces on a tablet in the city of Pforzheim
A web app showing disabled parking spaces | Uli Deck/picture alliance via Getty Images

Parking apps can be helpful in a variety of scenarios. Whether you’re looking for on-street parking in a big city or just hoping for a better look at available spaces at your local department store lot, apps can make it easy and convenient to find an opening to park your car. Money Under 30 shares a list of some of the most helpful parking apps, depending on where you routinely travel. Additionally, some of these even help you find paid parking vacancies, sorting by the cheapest to save a few bucks, too.

Paid parking in lots or parking garages can get costly. However, there are apps available to help you avoid those annoying kiosks or confusing ticketing processes for parking. They can help you find an open parking space and pay for your parking time via the app. It’s pretty efficient to use these various apps since you don’t have to get out of your car, swipe your credit card, or worry about losing a dashboard parking slip.

Can SpotHero really help find the best parking spaces?

SpotHero is an efficient app for finding a cheap and available parking space in various settings. According to SpotHero, you can have a convenient way to contend with event parking at sporting or concert venues. You can also navigate airport parking without the hassle. Additionally, you can plan ahead for the daily commute to work with monthly parking facility availability.

Other benefits with SpotHero that you might not find with other apps include discounts and promo codes. You can save money, as much as 40%, as a routine commuter with paid parking year-round for work. SpotHero also works with Apple CarPlay, meaning if your car has this connectivity feature, you don’t have to use your phone to access the app. It’ll display right on your in-dash touchscreen to find the best parking space.

Parking Access reviews the SpotHero app and does suggest you can save substantially based on what you pay for parking. Parking garage rates can be discounted between 20% and 60% in some cases. There are also promo codes to help you tap into additional savings. There are other incentives, including a refer-a-friend credit of $7.00. However, be mindful of some of the negative reviews online about SpotHero, suggesting consumers have lost their previously reserved and paid for parking. Still, overall, the sentiments are favorable as a parking app.

How SpotHero works and where to sign up for it

So, how does SpotHero actually work? The instructions look pretty simple, outlining a three-step process. Look for available parking spaces wherever you are to compare pricing and openings. Choose your spot and pay securely with a QR code or your mobile device. You’ll immediately get a prepaid parking pass, where applicable, in the app directly or via email. Then park, and you’re all set.

You can download the SpotHero app wherever you browse and download your apps. You can also remotely access the web version if you need to, and both versions are reported to be easy to use. A basic search box and a few prompts about where you are and where you’d like to park are all it takes to reserve and pay for your space. Additionally, because there are search results listings of open parking spaces and pricing, you’ll be able to pick what you consider to be the best place to park every time.

So, what apps are you using to help you drive and park your car these days? SpotHero is worth a look if you haven’t tried it yet. And despite a few poor experiences, it seems to be incredibly helpful in finding the cheapest and best parking spaces.


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