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There’s a lot to worry about these days with our vehicles, from tire thefts to damage from poor road conditions to dents and dings from other cars. One of the most frequently asked questions nowadays, though, deals with slamming car doors. Some people want to know whether it’s possible to damage your car by doing it and if it will cost them a lot of money for maintenance because of it. According to Car Roar, the answer to both of those is a resounding yes. It’s more than possible to damage the door if you slam it often. So, why do people slam doors, and what can you do about it?

Why do people slam the car door?

A security guard opening and closing a door for a celebrity client
A man opening and closing a car door | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

There are a handful of reasons people might slam the car door when getting in or out of the vehicle. While modern cars and trucks don’t typically need that much force to close the door, the passenger may be used to an older one that takes a bit more forcefulness to get it to latch. 

The more a person does it, the more it becomes a habit, which will be trouble when they get in and out of a vehicle. This habit can lead people to no longer think about it. Drivers and passengers can close the door very forcefully without considering how hard they may be closing it. 

Additionally, it’s possible that some people may not actually be slamming the door. According to a Reddit post, it could also be a matter of interpretation. The person might have shut the door with a little firmness, but the driver might perceive it as a ‘slam.’ No matter what the reason might be for the passenger to close it with too much force, it will harm the car door to the extent that you could end up paying hundreds of dollars to get it fixed. 

How does car door slamming damage your vehicle?

If it happens once in a while, there probably won’t be that much damage. The more people slam the car doors, though, the more likely you’re headed for broken and worn-out parts that you have to replace. 

One area that’s affected is the car’s paint. The more the door is forced into the closed position, the more the paint starts rubbing off the edges of the door. If metal is exposed, rust will form, making it even more difficult to do a touch-up.

Elsewhere, the rubber gasket around the inside of the door wears out much quicker than normal. If it tears or thins out, air can seep into the vehicle’s interior, causing more road noise when you drive. It could also potentially make the door harder and louder to close in the future, leading to further damages. 

The most expensive damage you could face is the latching mechanisms and the internal door parts. The door latch is what keeps it closed and prevents it from opening while you drive down the road. According to Driver Moola, the damaged latch might cause the door to open, and a passenger leaning against the door could fall out onto the road if they aren’t buckled. 

Other internal parts also have a chance to break from the force of wear and tear over time. The hinges, door handle mechanisms, and power window parts are all susceptible to breaking and will need replacing, but the costs won’t be cheap. 

How to prevent damage from vehicle door slamming

The easiest and most inexpensive way is to remind the person not to slam the door when they get in or out of the vehicle. If it’s you, be sure to make a conscious effort to avoid slamming so that it won’t become a habit in the future. For yourself and passengers, put up signs as reminders if you see fit. 

One other way you can prevent damage from the car door slamming is to install a rubber butyl-type gasket around the edges of the door. This will keep the paint intact and soften the blow when passengers get overzealous with closing the car door.  If your car already has one, you might need to replace it as they typically wear out over time. 

One last way to prevent costly repairs to your door is to install a smooth door closer. This will make it virtually impossible to slam the door. If someone tries to close it too hard, the mechanism will stop it before it latches and will automatically close it (gently) for you. This is a little more difficult to install but could be worth it in the long run. 

With the cost of repairs going up for both new and used cars, the last thing you want to do is cause damage to your vehicle that could’ve been prevented in the first place. Slamming car doors can be controlled once you make an effort to be more gentle with your vehicle. 


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