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When Genesis entered the luxury market, the brand offered more for less, giving new owners value in the high-class automotive market. Now that the brand has a foothold in the industry, a new division of Genesis is in the works. Using a play right out of the Rolls-Royce book, you could order a specialized Genesis luxury SUV sometime in the near future.

The new Genesis One of One division

The Genesis GV80 could be a luxury SUV that receives the One of One treatments
Genesis GV80 | Genesis

Typically, commissioning a one-off car is an expensive venture for any customer. The well-heeled drivers that turn to Rolls-Royce and Bentley are often willing to pay this higher price. In an unusual move for a car brand that offers luxury vehicles at the most affordable price, Genesis is preparing to launch a new One of One division.

This new division will offer one-off Genesis luxury sedan and SUV models to give interested buyers a specialized Genesis vehicle to drive. This division won’t only make single models but could use some of the ideas to make a few models from the commissioning when given permission.

Starting small with big goals tells us the One of One division will start small with interior customization options offered to give buyers the special environment desired. Eventually, drivers that turn to this division can customize everything from the powertrain to the interior colors. This new division will gradually bring personalization options to the entire Genesis luxury SUV and sedan lineup.

Customized models allow Genesis luxury SUV owners to imagine

A silver and a black 2022 Genesis G90 in front of a mansion
2022 Genesis G90 is a Hyundai Motor Company full-size sedan | Genesis

The imagination can run wild when a Bespoke division arrives in the auto industry. The new Genesis One of One division will work on bullet-proof vehicles for ceremonial purposes. They will also build models that fit the individual tastes of single customers, according to Motor1. This division will likely be where Genesis turns when offering special edition models. This could be a big part of Genesis once the division enters full operation.

The first Genesis One of One models are a secret

Genesis is trying to keep the news of this new division and its purpose a bit of a secret, but that’s been hard to do so far. The Korean Economic Daily reported last month the brand will announce its new division sometime in June. This announcement should accompany the first car designed and built by this new division. None of this information has been confirmed because the brand wants to keep things under wraps until the big reveal.

What could this mean for future Genesis luxury SUV models

A navy 2022 Genesis GV70 SUV in the city.
2022 Genesis GV70 | Genesis

With the new One of One division in place, you can order what you want if you’re after a specialized version of a Genesis vehicle. This could mean buying a large luxury SUV covered in leather, even where leather usually isn’t found. Another option might be buying a G70 with a massive V8 engine, provided it fits in the engine bay.

The only limitations for the new One of One division will be the imagination of the consumer and the laws of physics. Otherwise, this new branch of the Genesis luxury brand will build any vehicle to the liking of a willing customer.


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